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It is really frustrating to not to have any:

  1. utensils to cook with,
  2. electrical boiler to boil water and 
  3. familiar pillow to sleep on.

I am wishing everyday now that our container will arrive any time soon.


It has been a week already and it is really cold. Where we come from, the weather is always hot & humid. Hence you can perspsire all day round and at times, even at night.

I really like the weather here because it’s cold and dry. The air even somewhat smells fresher than those in the city. The thing I like best is about how:

  1. I can snuggle with my boys under the thick blanket and feel lazy, cozy and warm 
  2. We can wear thick long sleeves and scarves
  3. The boys look so cute wearing winter wears

The amazing to me is that instead of using air-conditioners, now we are using the heaters around the house and electrical blankets under the bed sheets. (Imagine to on the heater and electrical blanket in Singapore) 🙂

Well the down side is, because the air is soooo…….. dry, I started to develop winter rashes. It is so itchy that it seems as if my skin is all red and soar. *sob*

I think I am the luckiest mother in the world because I have 2 very beautiful boys. They have been easy to take care as babies and they seldom drive me to the wall. Bringing them out for shopping or any other activities are always as easy as pea. This includes bringing them to the cafe for a cup of tea or for a bus ride.

I will always love you Clemens and Damir because you are my life.

By the time we have reach home, it is already dark. And when I say dark, it is really dark here. No city lights, no cars…… All is so quiet and dark. The house is huge compared to the one I have in Singapore. My first impression……. I did not really like it. But perhaps, we were so tired, my boys and I really slept soundly for the night.


It was a different feeling in the morning. I really like the house. It is spacious and bright. There is a huge yard. My elder boy was so excited that he started to run around exploring each room.

We have 3 bedrooms in here and the master bedroom has a good size walk-in closet. To me I think the room I like best is the laundry room. It is spacious enough to contain a sink, a dryer and a washing machine. Can you imagine, just a room to wash your clothes. Unlike Singapore, we have to do it in the toilet. 🙂

I am really going to miss the laundry room when I return home to Singapore.

Stepping out of the Brisbane International Airport was definitely cold (it’s winter). My boys were happy to see their dad and the best is yet to come. Because we have taken the night flight from Singapore, we arrived at Brisbane in the morning. Therefore, we were certainly not heading home.

My hubby and his colleague took us for breakfast at a Chinese Restaurant. Perhaps because I have not adapted or perhaps because I am picky about my food, I seriously did not enjoy my ‘dim sum’. It really paled in comparison to the ones I have at home.

 The Chinatown seems weird too compared to the one back in Singapore. The Chinatown seems too quiet. I started to feel unsure and afraid. Perhaps there was even a hint of regret for coming over to Australia with my hubby.  But I had kept quiet about it when I see how happy my hubby was to see us.

But all those negative feeling changed when my hubby and his colleagues took us for shopping. The first place they took us was to the DFO (direct factory outlet). It was a place where we can buy quality goods at a cheaper price.

I certainly like it here especially the home wares. Unable to control myself, I bought 2 sets of Corelle dinner ware. They were like $30 to $50 cheaper than in Singapore and it was the latest design. I was simply elated. All the negative feelings were gone only to be replaced by excitement. As I walked on I could only feel myself feeling happier. I had bought some crystal wine glasses too.

It was soon time for us to leave for dinner. We went to an area known as Sunnybank. It is said to be the 2nd Chinatown of Brisbane. The a-claimed Singaporean food was ok but it was a tad too salty.

But the thing to be happy about is I know my boys are happy. Happy to be with their dad. Happy that we are together as a family. In fact my elder boy has already made friends with a colleague’s son.

I have never thought of becoming a homemaker. I cannot imagine what it will be like. However the destiny to be a homemaker soon came when my husband was posted to Australia for work purposes for a year and a half.

For that month, my days will filled with packing the kids and mine stuff into the cartons provided by the company. It was also filled with excitement and fear. Fear….because

  1. I have been working all the time and I have never look after my kids for a full whole day before.
  2. I have to look after 2 boys. (2years and 6months respectively at that time)
  3. I was afraid my boys and I will find it hard to adapt.
  4. I can’t really cook.

However though I feel scared, it was already a confirmed situation. There was no backing out. I had to convince myself that I could do it.

30th of June 2007 was my last day in Singapore. Family gathered at the airport to send us off. My hubby has gone to Australia a month earlier than us. Therefore on that day, it was my boys and I. It was a night flight and fear crept up to me again. How was I to managed 2 boys on the plane all by myself?

They were pretty homesick on the plane and the baby made quite a fuss. I felt so embarrassed then because some of the flight passengers was not able to get any sleep. However, the 7 hours flight seems quickly over too me and I was glad that my hubby was waiting out there for me. It was such a relief to see him. But it also means that I am really officially a homemaker now. 🙂


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