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I have a love-hate relationship with my husband of 3 years. We knew each other since I was 16 and he 17. Till now we never ever knew how we ended up marrying each other.

I hate him because:

We can never see eye to eye on nearly everything;

He never fails to irritate to me;

He never fails to make me feel lousy;

He never fails to gang up with the boys to annoy me;

He never fails to make me feel like screaming my lungs out and crying;

He never fails to make me want to run away from home; and

He never fails to nag at me at the slightest thing.


I love him because:

After not seeing things eye to eye, he will GIVE IN to me;

After irritating me, he will PACIFY me;

After making me feel lousy, he will make me feel as if I am the BEST in the world;

After the boys are rude, he will make them APOLOGIZE;

After all the screaming and crying, he will make me LAUGH and GIGGLE;

After running away from home, he will find and bring me HOME; and

After all the naggings (usually because I got myself into trouble), he will always PICK UP the pieces for me and DEFEND me with all his might.

That is why we are still together today.

Hence my dearest, if you are ever reading this, though I hate you a lot, I think I love you even more!

Happy Wedding Anniversary and I still hope to tell you happy anniversary every year till we are old.



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