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My Tea Break

Posted on: Monday, September 1, 2008

Very often I have been asked by my hubby’s colleagues’ wife what do I do during my free time. Some even assumed that I will not have not any free time since I have to look after 2 kids. My free time is when my boys are napping.

This daily glorious 2 to 3 hours will be mine time. I will stop all house work even if there are clothes to be washed because I believe treating myself nice, giving myself a break is crucial. I don’t want to be resenting my boys, my family that I have worked non-stopped for them. It is not going to be fair for them if I were to resent them because I have heard how some mothers complain that their entire life is tied up by the family.  I cannot imagine myself feeling resentful 20 years down the road. It is scary to think that because of my own fault for not giving myself a break, I will be bringing all the unhappiness to my family that I treasure so much.

I believe that free time is not something I should expect from my family but it is something that I have to give to myself to do something that I enjoy. Free time is like a schedule which I must plan, just like how I plan the boys’ daily activity, meals and other things. Therefore to all mothers if you are feeling ‘resentful’ it is time to plan a break for yourself so that you can regenerate some energy and bring happiness to your family again.

It doesn’t need to be costing you any money to plan a break. You just have to do something that you enjoy and will give you a peace of mind to bring you away from all problems and burdens at the current time.

For me, a pot of white or green tea with a little cookie or cake which I can have while reading a book or surfing the net and doing some blogging is a perfect tea break for me (just like right now). It can just totally leave me feeling happy and reenergize again when my kids are awake. It makes me feel happy seeing them again instead of feeling arrrrhhhhhh….. my kids are awake again. I believe that I will definitely feel that way, if I have not given myself any me time.


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