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Tail Pulling Cubs

Posted on: Monday, September 1, 2008

This is what happens whenever they wear this for the day. All the silly little tiger-actions and talks will surface with Clemens asking me if he can roar at me, dad or anybody. The funniest still is the tiger conversation between the boys themselves followed by the tail pulling stunts. It is simply hilarious and they can really play tiger the whole day.

Clemens: Let’s play tiger

Damir: Roooaaarrrrrrrrr

Clemens: Let’s go roar at mum

The Boys: (Run towards me) Rarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh !!!!

But I don’t really like this costume because of all the buttons but I like it even better because of the smiles and imaginary play it brings to my boys.

Therefore my dear friend Michelle, please do get them some more costumes with less buttons pleaseeeee.


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