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Weekend Get Away

Posted on: Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As my hubby, will be going away for 2 months soon, he actually planned a 3day 2 nights get away at Sunshine Coast for us. We went with a couple of friends and it was tremendous fun. Now I am back at home all energized and happy. I believe my boys were very happy too because, they were yakking away to my mum on the phone about what daddy bought for them at the Saturday Market, what type of animals they saw at the Zoo and how they bounce about the kangaroos and wallabies and how afraid they are of the alligator. We stayed in a really cosy apartment and had walks by the sandy beaches in the evening. The boys had their fill of fun by splashing near the sea.

This is what I call happy childhood and as I sat at the beach looking at my hubby splashing at the sea with the boys, I really wonder if they were ever remember this moment of their life when they grow up. This thought really leaves a smile in my heart.

Anyway, here are the lists of places where we have stayed, eaten and visited.


Breakfree Seamark

Location: 29 First Avenue, Mooloolaba, QLD 4557


I really love this apartment and I must reckon that this is the nicest apartment I have stayed in during my getaways in Australia. It is just a short walk to the beach and you can enjoy a stroll along the sandy shores. It is also conveniently located in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the Sunshine Coast, close to the Sunshine Coast’s award winning tourist attractions, a 15 minute transfer from Sunshine Coast Airport, yet just 75 minutes drive north of Brisbane.

Ettamogah Pub

Location: 1 kilometre north of the Caloundra exit on the Bruce Highway


I will rate the food 3 stars out of 5 but I really love the concept of the pub because of all the cartons hanging on the wall, its quirky shape and caricature appearance.



Perhaps because of our rush itinerary, I find that there is nothing much in this town except for its row of eateries. However I will come back here again because of the Queensland’s Best Voted Ice-cream. It is the creamiest ice-cream I have ever eaten which I don’t mind eating till I get a tummy ache or tooth ache (just kidding). The shop is name “Collin James”. Another of my favourite is the “The Maple Street Co-operative” They sell mainly organic things and even their beauty products are organic. Their macadamia-honey lip balm sure taste yummy.



Ahh… I must say this is my favourite town of all because of all the quirky little shops along the roads selling little quirky things. This is a Must-to-visit because of you can see the demonstrations of rock-candy making and get to taste the freshly made candy. The “Black Forest Hill” clock centre will wow you with all the cuckoo clocks and for chocolate lovers; I think you will like the “Chocolate Country” store. And yes, my very own favourite is the “Tea Junction” I have bought a few beautiful teapots and teacups from here and most of all the variety of tea they have in here. I think I will never get sick of this place.


Strawberry Fields

Location: 133 Laxton Road, Palmview, QLD 4553

My boys love this place because they absolutely adore strawberries and they were really excited about picking their own strawberries. However do take note because this is seasonal.  This is also the place where you get to eat authentic strawberry ice-cream because in the vanilla ice-cream, it is all embedded with chunks and chunks of strawberries. I wish I can show you the photo but it was eaten up before we can take any. So can you imagine?

The Big Pineapple

Location: Nambour Connecion Road,Woombye, QLD 4559


This is the pineapple plantation and it is really a huge plantation where they have train rides to bring you around the plantation. There is also a wildlife reserve in the plantation itself so that you can observe the native animals. It really seems fun but we really did not a chance to tour around because we were there late. I will like to go back again earlier this time though.


Emunidi Market

Location: 1 hour along the Bruce Highway, North of Brisbane


This place is a must go with the great variety of stores and food. However it is open only on Wednesday and Saturday. It is just like our Singapore Night Market except that it opens in the day and definitely has a lot more stores. There are stores selling art works, clothes, gem stones like opal and many more others which I can’t finish listing here. Clemens was like going around asking, “Mummy, can I buy this? Can I buy that? What is this and what is that?” He is so full of question that at times, I really do not know how to answer him.

Sunshine Castle

Location: 296 David Low Way, Bli Bli, QLD 4560


Well well, we are here because the boys after watching a series of Charlie and Lola DVD featuring a castle, has been bugging us ever since that they want a castle. This is a very small castle and it can be quite eerie to be walking alone along the rather dark passages. However if you like dolls, it is also home to a quaint little doll museum and it has a display of medieval armoury and a model train exhibition. Anyway, we have finally satisfied the boys curiosity for castles.


Australia Zoo

Location: Steve Irwin Way, Beerwah, QLD 4519


My boys enjoyed really themselves here by bouncing around the kangaroos and wallabies. My tummy was churning all time round when they were doing that and I had to constantly scream, “Walk properly boys, you wouldn’t want to be bouncing on the kangaroos’ tails.” It is a nice place to visit. The presentations are great; the zoo keepers are very friendly, answering all the questions you want to know about the animals and the most interesting of all are the zoo keepers bringing the animals for a walk around the zoo. Hence, you can see wombats and cheetah on leash walking around the zoo.


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