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About Butter

Posted on: Thursday, September 18, 2008

Butter is basically the concentrated fat of the milk with some water. It is made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk. Most butter is made from cow’s milk but it can be made from goat, buffalo, yaks and sheep. The colour of butter is generally pale yellows however it can vary from deep yellow to nearly white because the colour depends on the animals feed and also perhaps food colouring during the commercial manufacturing process.

Types of Butter

There are many varieties of butter depending on how the butter is made and the kind of preservatives that are added into the butter during the process. However the most common type of butter will be the:

  • Salted Butter: Salted butter is usually use for spreading on out morning toast and it’s shelf life is much longer than the unsalted butter as the salt acts as the preservative.
  • Unsalted Butter: This is normally called for in baking recipes because the taste of salt will get in the way and salted butter browns faster too. Therefore when baking butter cakes or cookies that calls for salt, I will still use unsalted butter then grind in salt separately to control the saltiness.

Goodness of Butter

It was rumoured that butter cause diseases due to the naturally saturated fats from animals. However on the contrary butter protects us from heart diseases. Butter contains many nutrients that protects us from heart disease and amongst this will be Vitamin A that is needed for the health of thyroid and adrenal glands which is vital in maintaining the proper function of the heart and cardiovascular system. Butter is the most easily absorbed source of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A and E found in butter also plays a strong anti-oxidant role that protects us against the free radical damage that weakens the arteries. It is also a good dietary source cholesterol. It also contains conjugated linoleic acid that gives excellent protection against cancer.

However do take note that butter contains only traces of lactose hence, moderate consumption of butter for the lactose intolerant is fine. But for the people with milk allergies, it is good to avoid butter as it contains enough allergy-causing proteins to cause reactions.

How to store Butter?

Make sure that the butter is properly sealed in its packaging to avoid it from turning rancid from exposure to the air. This is also to prevent the butter from picking up odour from smelly food in the fridge. To defrost the butter, all you need to do is to place the required amount in the refrigerator for 6 hours. Never leave it out in the open because it will just end up with water droplets sweating out of it due to condensation.

  • Salted Butter:  Up to 2 months refrigerated and 6 to 9 months frozen.
  • Unsalted Butter: Up to 2 weeks refrigerated and 5 months frozen.

How to Achieve Room Temperature Butter?

Room temperature butter allows you to easily depress the butter and yet at the same time not melting. All you have to do is to place the required amount out in the room for 30 minutes.

How to cream Butter?

  1. Cubed room temperature butter and place in a deep mixing bowl.
  2. Use mixer and beat it till it is creamy, soft, smooth and light from incorporating air.
  3. Use immediately.




When sugar is added to correctly creamed butter, it will incorporate air into it, causing a foaming action in sponge cake. Hence when the cake batter is in the oven, the incorporated air is like tiny bubbles trapped, leaving tiny holes in the soft sponge cake.


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