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Toddler Sitting

Posted on: Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sometime this week I had helped to babysit a friend’s 2year old boy. She is a friend whom I met at my hubby’s company dinner party and someone who is just staying behind me. Gosh it actually took me to know her 1 year later.  I wish I had known her earlier because her 2 yr old boy is such a darling and is now my boys’ very good playmates and vice versa. For the 1st week, we met up quite often and I taught her how to use the bus services in Toowoomba. The outing was fun and the 3 boys are absolute angels (not really angels at time thoughJ).

Anyway, soon after that she fell quite ill and needed my help to look after Dalton. I know initially they were quite sceptical and they felt bad for asking for my help since I already have 2 boys of my own.

Oh my having 3 boys age 1, 2 and 3 is absolutely horrendous. They were climbing around the house and I had to yell, “No Clemens! Don’t Dalton! Not again Damir!” They were simply driving me crazy and I was near to tearing my hair out. I will never want to do this again. Just kidding and anyway this scenario sounds familiar doesn’t it?

 Well on the contrary, it was such a breeze, raising 3 boys of their age is such a breeze. They absolutely adore each other’s company and they do nearly everything together. They eat, nap and bathe together. I don’t have a discipline problem with Dalton too because I know I do not need to hold back and feel shy on teaching him the correct things. All thanks to the book, ‘Discipline without Shouting or Spanking’ because it has a line which says, “Treat another person’s kids as you will to your own kids”. Hence because of this, I was able to get Dalton to follow through our daily routine and he was even able to help up in setting up the table for meal times and clear his own bowl after he finished his meal. It was so easy that I was even able to give him his night bath and put him on pyjamas before his dad came and pick him up. Most importantly, I will say that Dalton is a very good natured boy.

It was also a good time for Clemens to practise his leadership skill because he is the oldest boy among all and it was funny to hear him tell the 2 boys, “don’t stand near to the TV, you will spoil your eyes, you must eat your dinner to grow strong, let me help you with this and blah, blah, blah”. Just like a little boss and yet with so much kindness.

It was also funny to see Dalton and Damir communicate together because Damir’s speech is rather limited due to his age. It was just amazing to wonder how Dalton is able to understand Damir’s gibberish.

It was also a good time for Dalton to polish his social skills as he is the only child. He is such a beautiful child. He was able to play and share with the boys very well. No spoilt brat sign saying, “Hey, I am the only child. Don’t mess with me”. It was really amazing.

I was really pleased and I felt really fulfilled to get to look after the 3 boys and to be of help to a friend in need. Right now, I am just so looking forward to bringing them out for a picnic.


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