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Posted on: Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I will say that I have the nicest neighbour on earth and that they are very rich too. How do I know that they are rich? Well because, they live in huge houses, drive fancy cars, have matching tea set and I think I accidentally peeped into their accounts and was wowed by the figure staring back at me. Ha ha ha just kidding and those are nonsense.

They are rich because, they are rich in their compassion for people, rich in their love for their kids and grand kids and even rich in the way they shower their kindness and helpfulness to fellow neighbours. Aren’t I lucky to have such wonderful neighbours? Yes…. so…do be envious of me.

Flowers & Fresh Fish given to me ( I stir-fry the fish with beans but ran out of carrots)

The day before, Jaenette came knocking on my door, gave me a really beautiful bunch of hand-pick flowers from her garden, an already filleted sweet lip fish (her hubby had caught it from the Great Barrier Reef) and invited my boys and I over for morning tea the next day. I am so touched.

Well the moment I stepped into their house, I was awed by her clean and beautifully ornamented kitchen. My boys were extremely facinated by her collection of elephants. I was even more impressed when she told me her hubby had built the house. (Yeah her hubby is a builder; so people of Towoomba, do take note if you want to build houses. You can always leave me a comment)

You guys should see their lawn and back yard. During our stay here, before she invited me over for morning tea, my hubby and I were already very impressed by how neat and well-kept their lawn was. Therefore can you imagine the interior of their nest? Simply beautiful!

Anyway, our morning tea was great and we had a great chat about the Australia and Asia’s old wives tales and of course some other things. I will say she bakes the loveliest Anzac biscuits; all the goodness and crunchiness of oats and cereals and the beautiful aroma of golden syrup (I think it is golden syrup). The taste of it gets even better when it is dunked into tea. Oh Jeanette, I am so looking forward to learning this recipe from you. I am sure my dad will adore it.

Do remember our dinner date when my hubby is back from Rockhampton and thanks for having us over for tea. It really made my day and my boys were so excited chattering to their dad about the biscuits and juice they had at your place.


2 Responses to "Neighbours"

Wow.. You must be lucky to actually have a neighbour like that. =)
I saw the pork loin soup and remembered that my mother made that for me when I was young.

What a long time ago =)

Ya ya I m and next week she is going to teach me how to make those biscuits. I am so excited.You know I always feel very lucky. Lucky to have readers like u who can teach me new things, lucky that i can learn new things everyday.
And ya my boys love pork loin soup too. if it is for night drinking as nourishment for them, I will put alot less water, so the soup becomes thicker and more fragrant. Anyway I wrote about pork loin soup because, next week I will post on marinating mince pork for dumplings. Ya there is always a sequence and I write marinating recipes because I feel marinaing is like cooking too. Need to do it right. If there is anything you want to let me know or teach me, just feel free to write. I really appreciate it.

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