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The English Man

Posted on: Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ya this is the irritating English man who gave me the keys to his car on my very first driving lesson. At that time I was like erm……, “Hey hi, I don’t know how to operate the car. I have never driven a car before.” He gave me a ‘dirty look’ and asked if I needed him to show me how to drive. My reply was “of course”.

The subsequent lessons were fun with him always pretending that he is in a bad mood, how he hates the world and how he hates me for being funny. He is absolutely hilarious. However I really like the way he speaks about his wife. You can see the twinkle in his eyes, the gentle smile on his face whenever he speaks about her. You can really feel the love he has for his wife and family steaming up in the car whenever he speaks of them.

Anyway, driving with him can be quite nerve wrecking. One moment, he will be telling you that you are a better driver than who you think you are. Another moment, he will be jamming on your breaks yelling at you to look out. He makes sure that you practice through all the test routes and he always like to make it more difficult than it seems; for example, bringing you to the narrowest route to do a 3-point turn.

When he says you are ready to test, you will feel very happy and yet wonder if you can really pass the 1st time round because during driving, he will bring you to routes that you have to open your eyes wide to look. But he won’t tell you to look and if you miss looking, he will create a hoo haa, “see, see, see, Angelia, you must always look…..!” This is enough to send jitters through your spine and clouds into your brain that you will keep wondering if you are good enough to take the test, you may also wonder if this crazy bloke is really sure when he says you are ready to test. You might even feel that maybe he and the test centre are in a conspiracy to burn a hole in your pocket.

Three days before the test, he will give you a crash course picking up every smallest mistake you do, and deliberately asking you to do things against the traffic rules to make sure you are not sleep driving. There and then, you will have nightmares at night, dreaming that you have failed or worse still, killed the examiner in a car accident.

However on the big day, at that moment in the car with the tester, you can hear an English man constantly nagging at your ears, “Fasten seat belt. Look for speed signs. Scan across the road. Indicator, mirror check and shoulder check.” while being tested. And the next thing you know, the test is over; it is time to drive back in the test centre. Crazy thoughts will be running in your mind, “Oh god, it is over, that is fast and it is time to re-book the test.”

But……. the tester hands you the result slip, telling you that you have made it. Unable to believe, you open the result slip and read that you have scored beautifully with only 1 mark down. You scream and cry, realized that you are not wasting money because you passed the first time round, then it is time to play a harmless trick on Steve by telling him that you are hopeless and you have crashed his car into a pole during the test. Sheesh ……… pure evil (“,) .
Letter to Steve

Dear Steve,
I just want you to know it was really fun having lessons with you. I really look forward to every lesson and if you remember, on the day your car broke down, I was rather disappointed because I am always looking forward to the morning laugh. You have taught me more than driving; you have taught me invaluable lessons in life. Though it is not a long time, we have known each other; it is already enough to leave foot prints in my heart and to me, you are in a way a mentor to me.

But…… I reckon you will miss me even more because it is not often that you will come across a crazy young mother like me.

I will miss you when I leave Australia but do look us up when you come to Singapore with your wife.

Best regards
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