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Well this week, we have succumbed to the cough and flu virus due to the erratic weather here. Hence this morning, it was off to the pharmacy to get the medications. As if I am still not unfortunate enough, the seal of the cough syrup was broken and the paper bag was dripping and smelling of the cherry flavoured cough mixture when we arrived home.

Therefore, off we drove to the pharmacy to get it replaced. There and then, some questions were asked by the pharmacist with Clemens by the side:

Pharmacist: Did you drop the bottle?

Angie: No, I did not.

Clemens: (trying to imitate the pharmacist) Mummy you dropped the medicine huh?

Oh god that was it! The pharmacist thought I was trying out to cover up for my lie and was busted by my boy. She gave me a really really dirty look which I try to manage with a weak smile. Well I did try to explain that if I really dropped the bottle, the whole bottle will be shattered since it is made of glass and now it is only the seal that is broken. After which I was snubbed by a 2nd pharmacist, “Not necessarily.”

Being all sick myself with another 2 little sick boys did not help at all, I just snapped and demanded that he dropped the bottle and show me how to drop and break the seal only without shattering the body of the bottle. I think he was rather embarrassed after that and he uttered an apology which I did not acknowledge.

Now as I sit typing I am rather embarrassed by outburst too. I mean I think I could have control myself better and if I were to put myself in their shoes and if a little kid said that, I will have thought that the customer is lying too.

But anyway, what is over is over. Can’t do much now except to take note to push my own pause button in future.


My Very Extremely Handsome Dad

One of the most touching email I receive this week is from my dad. Because he knows that my hubby is away for quite some time and seeing my MSN shout out, I think he reckons that I am distress and this is part of what he sent me in the email:

“…… my dear daughter, dad is here any moment, any time, waiting for you to come back. Don’t cry and be more independent. I know it is difficult for you to handle 2 monkeys but you are very lucky to have 2 very cute monkeys. And because you are member of the GIAM family, you must remember that we produce super and heroic girls.”

Now things to clarify:

  • I am not in distress or crying.
  • I think at the moment I am really enjoying my new found independence.
  • I am no heroine and super.

However I must say that upon receiving this email from him really makes me very happy and all giggly like a daddy’s princess again and I am definitely grinning from ear to ear. It just brings me back in time to the days where he taught me how to draw, taught me art and helps me to find excuses to explain to my teachers on why I have not done well in school.

During the year when I am taking my PSLE, I was able to finish my Mathematics paper on time and yet score well because my dad was the one who calculated on how much time I should spend on doing each questions.

When I did not do well in my ‘O’ levels prelims, he was obviously disappointed and on the actual day when I collected my actual GCE ‘O’ Levels results, he was the one who called me on my mobile to tell me that it is ok to repeat Secondary 4 again till I told him I was a 12 pointer.

During my tertiary years, I did not take my studies in high regard hence I had to repeat for another year, therefore using more of his CPF monies. He told me it is fine as long as I graduate with a Diploma certificate.

When I finally graduated from school, and was looking for my 1st job, he was the one who gave me the strength and courage to seek for jobs in big organizations.

When I got pregnant before I was married, other than my mum and my hubby-to-be then, my dad was also a really good source of support helping me out with my wedding. During my 2nd pregnancy, my dad had a car and he was the one who drove me to work on a daily basis, buying me breakfast, meeting me for lunch at times and working overtime on his side just because I am working overtime so that he can just drive me home. (Ya I am so lucky to the extent that my colleagues thought that my dad is my hubby.)

Though he was really reluctant for me to come to Australia with my boys as a full time mum, (we had massive arguments about it) he was the one who had helped me packed up all my cartons to be sent over to Australia and our luggage to be sent to the airport for check in.

Those who know my dad will be very surprised that he actually has a huge impact in my life and what I am today because, my dad is a very stern man of little words with big fiery temper, and he is rather opinionated and chauvinistic. We do have our arguments and most of the time, like most father and daughter relationships, we hardly see eye to eye. However, I must say that it is the little little actions and the kind of heartfelt concern we have as a family that has brought us this close.

I can still list the many things he did with me when I was a young girl but I remembered that we hardly talk. Our turning point was when I first got pregnant with Clemens. It was there and then when our father and daughter relationship was taken to another height: Conversation & Communications.

Much of my today lifestyle with my boys is partly influenced by my dad too, like art & craft, flying kite, and riding a bike.

Daddy, I must tell you that I do love you very much too and though there are times that I may not seem to listen to your advises, I am actually listening to every word you have told me and I do weigh them out when I am having time alone to sort out all my thoughts. It is just like how I pass my driving test in one sitting. As a young girl (about 12y then), I have ever ask you before, why is it so easy for you to pass your driving test in one sitting and you replied that if I ever wanted something so badly or if something is so important to me, I will get it by all means in one go. Though there are times I am really guilty that I did not turn out the way you wish for me to be, I also strongly believe that you are also in a way very proud to have me as your daughter. My independence, determination, and capability to defend myself and most important, your very precious 2 monkeys too. J

This by far, has been 1 of my boys favourite. Actually, in fact, I am not even sure if they have a favourite because they do really enjoy me reading to them. However, this book is really highly recommendable for 2 to 4 years of age because:

  • It teaches the life cycle and healthy eating habits which are important.
  • It teaches the days of the week and number counting
  • Repetitive language is used
  • The idea of using real holes through the foods the caterpillar eats through the week is revolutionary.
  • There were always things to learn and discuss with my boys from the cover to the end.

I will just post an excerpt from the book to show you to let you see what I mean.

With only 50 odd days countdown to going back to Singapore and the so-called bad recession, I have been typing my resumes and cover letters all afternoons away to send out for job applications. Call me kaisu or whatever but I know that this is absolutely necessary to prevent the long gruelling wait of getting a job. It can be really tough and nerve-wrecking when people around me starts to tell me that it is not easy going to get a job so easily now. I refuse to believe that it is true because, in the past I usually hardly need to wait for than 1 month and most importantly, I believe that I have good working attitude which is important isn’t it?

Well I have sent out a couple of job applications to a few big nice companies and right now, I just want to enjoy every single day of countdown with my kids whom I know I will dearly miss when I return to the workforce.  I am going to miss:

  • Seeing them wake up in the morning.
  • Doing activities with them while looking at their smiling faces.
  • Watching their cute little faces while they are having their nap.
  • Them driving me crazy at times and laughing it off together afterwards.

However, I will remember that I am more fortunate than the others who never ever got the chance to see their kids grow full time before in other to put bread on the table.

I will have to count my blessings even though there are times I wish to be greedier.

Toddler model of the month goes to ………. Drum Roll please…………. ta dah………. Damir Lee

From left to right: Celia, Kairis, Evo and I

These really lovely wives of Kearney Spring are my dinning partners since our hubbies are away on a work trip for 6 weeks. I really appreciate their company and especially their food on the days when I do not have to cook. These girls made my days without my hubby pass faster and happier of course.

We gather to cook for each other and eat together because basically, life can be boring in Toowoomba without the hubbies around and it is definitely difficult to cook for 1 person and 2 kids. Hence that is why, the more the merrier. When my hubby returns, I know I am absolutely going to miss:

  • Celia’s Mutton Curry
  • Kairis’s Chicken Rice
  • Evo’s Banana Cake

How I wish she is mine but she is not.

On Sunday, I was invited to a friend’s full month baby celebration. The baby was so cute and she really makes me feel like having a third kid. Holding her just revives me memories of holding Clemens and Damir when they were still an infant. (Haha, my hubby will faint upon hearing this and look at my boys’ expression in the photo.)

Well well, if I can, I will really like to have more kids. However considering the fact that we are returning to Singapore and considering the hectic lifestyle and high standard of living back home, it is really unlikely that we have a third kid.

This is sad isn’t it? To want something badly and yet not being able to have it due to the financial and environmental factors to consider. L


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