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Schedule For Mondays and Thursdays

Posted on: Monday, October 6, 2008

Well today is Clemens second time to school and he was brawling on his way to school. It made me really frustrated because he was the one who told me that he wants to school and I have paid 2 weeks of school fees for it. There is no backing out now and I know that it is also for his good because he will have to start school when we go back to Singapore. However it still really made me upset seeing him brawling like this and his sulky little face.

Anyway I know that he is going to be fine after I am gone, with all the other kids to play with and the teachers to take care of him. When I arrived home I made a call to the school and he was doing really fine hence that made me feel at ease. The best was when I pick him up; he was smiling very happily shouting to me how much he enjoyed school. That really made my day. After which we went to my neighbour’s house for Anzac biscuits and a cup of tea and the boys fed birds at their house.

As for Damir, he was definitely happy to ‘own’ me. I was really happy spending quality time with him. I really enjoyed him and see part of him I have never seen before because I was too busy looking at both of them all the time.

Here is our schedule for Monday and Thursday when Clemens is at Kindy.

7.00am Boys wake up, drink milk and pack bed.

7.30am Boys go to the toilet, wash up and bath.

7.45am Boys have breakfast.

8.00am Drive Clemens to school and drop him off.

8.15am Go grocery shopping and run errand with Damir.

10.00am Arrive home with Damir.

10.15am Start doing some writing and colouring with him.

11.00am Prepare lunch while Damir watches a DVD programme.

11.30am Have lunch.

Every Thursday from 9.30am to 11.00am Damir has swimming lessons. Hence if we do not make it in time back for lunch, we will lunch out.

12.00pm Clean up, brush teeth and reading time.

12.30pm Prepare for nap time.

Then I start doing some housework, prepare dinner and afternoon outing bag. After which, I will sit down, have my cup of tea and relax.

2.30pm Damir wakes up, changes into his diaper and I might give him a bottle of milk. Then we go to the playground.

3.30pm We go pick Clemens up from kindy. Have a talk with his teacher to see how his day at school was.

4.00pm Arrive home. Clemens washes up

4.30pm Boys play together while I prepare dinner.

5.30pm Have dinner

6.00pm Clear up

6.30pm Boys eat their fruits.

7.00pm Bath the boys and change them into their pyjamas.

7.30pm Read the boys their book.

8.00pm Give the boys their quiet time to prepare them for bed, drink milk and brush teeth.

8.30pm Lights out for the boys.

Now I clean up the house a bit, do things I like for example blogging or reading.

By 10.30pm to 11.00pm, I will be in bed, tired and yet happy that I have filled up my day again.


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