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Ya ya ya, we had another baby sent away today and Clemens was crying the hell out of his lungs. We had actually sold our car away at a rather good price but we were still sad to see it go. It has served us well during our stay here and has never really give us any big major problem.

It is our first car we have and Clemens’s first love.

Gosh…… I have been sad this week.



Today mark the last day of Clemens’s school in Australia. As I prepare the jelly mixture and muffin batter for his little farewell party with his teachers and friends, it was not exactly with joy but instead it was with pang of sadness and stabbing in the heart as I work on it into the night.

I do understand that all good things have to come to an end, but I never expected it to be faster than I thought. As I prepare Clemens for school, drive down the familiar road to school today, I was really silent in the car today. As I carry in the trays of jellies and muffins into his classroom, they felt really heavy like tons of gold as I drag my feet in. When I said, “Hi teachers, these muffins are for the kids and you guys. Thanks for looking after my boy all this time.” My voice felt really awkward as a lump started to form at the back of my throat.

When I went to pick him up from school after that, the good bye to his teacher was especially hard because today it is no longer, “Good bye Clemens! See you next week again.” As I finally drive out from the school, my eyes began to get a little moist and I actually had a little tear forming at the corner of my eyes

Although it has been difficult to get him to school in the mornings, deep down I know that he enjoys the school tremendously because at the end of the days when I pick him up, he is always on smiles shouting to me, “mummy I enjoy myself a lot in school today.” He has gotten really close with one of his teachers, Ms Elaine and is really attached to her when he is at school. I am really truly grateful for her help in settling in Clemens whenever he is being difficult and refuses to let me leave the school. She is always assuring me that I am not lousy as a mother and that some kids are like this but after which they are fine when the parents are gone.

Initially I was really afraid to give Clemens good bye hugs, however she told me to go ahead and do it because the hug will do him good as well. From here, I have learnt to give my boy a good bye hug and tell him that, he is going to enjoy his day at school and yet leave him there without any pangs of guilt and worries because I know he is well taken care of.

Now I am going to miss the weekly morning school conversation (and at times struggle) with Clemens. Every Monday and Thursday morning, he will wake up and go on like this:

Clemens: Mum, I am not feeling so well. I don’t want to go to school.

Mum: Oh dear, you are not feeling well. I believe after some milk, you will feel better.

Clemens (after milk): Mum I am still not feeling well.

Mum: I am sure after a bathe you will be fine.

Clemens (after bath): Mum I am not feeling better.

Mum: That is because you have to quickly put on your clothes.

Clemens: But I don’t want to go to school…………………

Mum: You will have fun at school, you always do. Remember the drawings and painting you want to show me? Why not you pick something that you might like to bring to school with you.

Clemens: Ok, alright Mum.


My hubby and I usually try to do family activities with our boys as and when possible. Tonight is no exception and our activity for tonight is making the boys do a ‘Thank you’ Card for their teachers. Why thank you? It is because this is the week where their kindy and swimming lessons will end as we prepare to return to Singapore in 2 weeks time.

Our motive for making the boys do the cards is because we want them to learn to be appreciative of the people around them. Anyway it was loads of fun but messy with paint all over again. However the most important thing is that the boys understand what they are doing. By the way I am truly impressed with the way they listen to instruction to get their job done especially Damir.


I had to say that after going to Sydney and Melbourne, I am still a city girl at heart. Though I truly like the peace and quiet of the suburb, I do miss the city life too. I miss the tall buildings, lights and activities of the city at night.

Overall, my trip to Sydney is not quite enough. I haven’t really quite finished walking the Queen Victoria Building, Market City and some other prominent buildings. I also haven’t really quite finished exploring the streets where they have shops that caught my eyes as I was either in the car or on the bus. I also have not had enough of the seafood from the Sydney Fish market. Most of all, I wish to catch a performance at the Sydney Opera House at least once in my life time.

It can be really frustrating to have such a tight schedule with 2 boys on tow. I remember not being able to contain my own anger and I had lashed it out at my hubby. It is really not his fault but I was just angry with myself that why we can’t finished touring the city.

We also had arguments over the boys because, to me, I wasn’t sure if the city is safe enough for my boys. I had kept them on a tight rein making sure that they were never out of my sight hence perhaps because I did not explain it properly to them; my hubby and my boys find that I am being very restrictive on my boys compared to when we are back in Toowoomba.

However, I really cannot imagine losing any of my boys due to my negligence or what so ever. Throughout, I know I was constantly fearing. I always fear that they might be lost in the city where there will be no kind souls to return them to me. I fear that if I just leave them alone for awhile without us holding their hands, a van with some bad guys might just pull up and grab them before I can react. At the beach, I am constantly afraid that I might lose them to the waves despite knowing that I want them to enjoy themselves and be themselves. Ya… that is me, in me, I am a worrywart.

Despite, of some unhappiness in the trip, I really had my fair share of fun and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to at least have a look at what is Sydney like. I am also grateful to my hubby who at least put in the effort to bring us for the tour. Most of all, I am always thankful of him for being able to tolerate my outburst. I also have to say that throughout the trip my boys have been amazing except for some crankiness due to the long journey.

I really cannot believe what a great and amazing family I have.

We woke up early while the other 2 friends were still asleep. We went on to explore a little of Coff Harbour by ourselves before going back to the motel to pick them up.

Again it was drive through at McDonald’s for breakfast, and after 4 hours of drive, we had a stopover at Byron Bay. This time round instead of hiking down to the most Easternly Point of Mainland Australia, my hubby and I headed straight to the Tallow Beach with our boys. We changed them to their wet suit and we begin our water fun. Clemens was so funny because as I held his little hand while walking down the coast, he started to collect pebbles instead of sea shell. As for Damir he was blowing bubbles with my hubby and because the sea water was salty unlike the pool water, he gagged a little on the water.

After an hour of fun, we headed back to Queensland and there was the end of our short Sydney holiday.


Brothers @ Coff Harbour


On the way to Byron Bay


Tallow Beach Overview


Clemens @ Tallow Beach


Clemens’ collection of pebbles

We went to the Sydney Fish Market for the last time and we continued our journey to the ever so famous Bondi Beach. Overall, like all the other beaches I have seen in my stay in Australia, Bondi beach also has clean, clear water with soft white sand. My boys and I had our fun walking along the beach kicking in coming waves at each other but it is such a pity that I did not bring down my camera.

It is also over here, we bought Damir his 1st pair of Ray Ban and a pair of flip flops.

Now it is time to embark our 6 hour jounry to Coff Harbour to stay for the night.


Yummy seafood


Damir’s Ray Ben


Damir’s 1st pair of flip flops

After brunch, my hubby and I continued our tour around the city taking the sightseeing bus. The boys simply love the bus because of its open roof top. We caught sight of all the famous icons from the bus and learnt a bit of the Sydney’s history.

The best was we got to tour the Sydney Opera House and I was so so amazed by the construction and structure of the opera house. The view of the Harbour Bridge from the opera house was absolutely spectacular. We even get to listen to an orchestra rehearse and the sound of it was simply beautiful without any amplifier. I was so tempted to catch the performance for that night but we had other activities for the night.

After the tour, we took a ferry to Darling Harbour and the next best thing was taking a walk along Darling Harbour with my darlings. Along the way, the harbour was bursting with activities, the breeze was really comforting to the skin and there was ample of space for the boys to run about.

That night, we too visited the red light district at Kings Cross and other than a lot of partying people, I really don’t see much. However, I am always chided by my hubby for my simple and naive brain that nothing is going on.

However, it is really one of the days I enjoyed myself most at Sydney.


Mother & Son


Stall in Market City


Sightseeing Bus



Anzac Bridge


Harbour Bridge


Sydney Opera House (SOH)


View of Harbour Bridge from SOH


Darling Harbour


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