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Just 1 More Day

Posted on: Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A random shot by Clemens. See I already said he is not drop dead gorgeous but neither am I. Haha 🙂

Just 1 more day and my hubby will back from his 6 weeks of working stint. As I am typing, I am really absolutely excited too and I feel really stupid too. I truly really wonder what can really excite me so much in seeing the man I have been with for nearly 10 years and giving birth to 2 boys for him. The thought of him coming home can literally make my heart pump faster with blood gushing into my cheeks making me blush and grin really silly like the Cheshire-Cat.  Embarrassing for a 25 year old mum isn’t it?

However, fortunately for me, it is not a one-sided thing because I can’t remember how happy I was when one night over the phone, my hubby told me that he still has the hots for me after being so long together. I think if you have seen me, my face will have been as red as a tomato.

Anyway the feeling is pretty much similar to when we were dating some time back like, “oh what shall I wear? Which bag and shoes to go with certain outfits? Is my hair out of place? Do I look good enough to be seen with him? (Not that my hubby is drop dead gorgeous but I think it is just in most girls’ nature)” Only this time round the difference is, “oh what shall I cook? Which of his favourites to cook? What shall be for dessert? Is the house clean enough?”

And in my mind, it is just like a whirlwind of matrixes (yup just like a computer) planning what to cook, then carefully planning what to buy for grocery (the freshest ingredients I can get hold on), steps to take to prepare our dinner and dessert for the night.  And I had to make sure that the plans include the boys too. Geesh ……… I really cannot imagine myself acting like a little girl in love again. I thought hey I am already 25, shouldn’t I be more woman-like instead of becoming all girlish again to the extent that I go weak and wobbly in my knees at the sight of my hubby.

Now I just hope that he will be able to be back in time to fetch Clemens from school. I am very certain that Clemens will probably be screaming with joy to see his dad fetch him from school. And it really excites me too to think in his place like, “Oh mine, how much Damir has grown in my absence. Gosh what have I been missing out?” I am very sure that little Damir will go running to him too. The boys really have a close bond with their dad. Perhaps even more than with me which makes me go envy with jealousy at times. However I have to say that my hubby really deserves it with the effort he puts in with them.

Oh god I can’t imagine that I actually feel like screaming out to the world that my hubby will be home soon.


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