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Heavy Hearted Jellies and Muffins

Posted on: Friday, November 28, 2008


Today mark the last day of Clemens’s school in Australia. As I prepare the jelly mixture and muffin batter for his little farewell party with his teachers and friends, it was not exactly with joy but instead it was with pang of sadness and stabbing in the heart as I work on it into the night.

I do understand that all good things have to come to an end, but I never expected it to be faster than I thought. As I prepare Clemens for school, drive down the familiar road to school today, I was really silent in the car today. As I carry in the trays of jellies and muffins into his classroom, they felt really heavy like tons of gold as I drag my feet in. When I said, “Hi teachers, these muffins are for the kids and you guys. Thanks for looking after my boy all this time.” My voice felt really awkward as a lump started to form at the back of my throat.

When I went to pick him up from school after that, the good bye to his teacher was especially hard because today it is no longer, “Good bye Clemens! See you next week again.” As I finally drive out from the school, my eyes began to get a little moist and I actually had a little tear forming at the corner of my eyes

Although it has been difficult to get him to school in the mornings, deep down I know that he enjoys the school tremendously because at the end of the days when I pick him up, he is always on smiles shouting to me, “mummy I enjoy myself a lot in school today.” He has gotten really close with one of his teachers, Ms Elaine and is really attached to her when he is at school. I am really truly grateful for her help in settling in Clemens whenever he is being difficult and refuses to let me leave the school. She is always assuring me that I am not lousy as a mother and that some kids are like this but after which they are fine when the parents are gone.

Initially I was really afraid to give Clemens good bye hugs, however she told me to go ahead and do it because the hug will do him good as well. From here, I have learnt to give my boy a good bye hug and tell him that, he is going to enjoy his day at school and yet leave him there without any pangs of guilt and worries because I know he is well taken care of.

Now I am going to miss the weekly morning school conversation (and at times struggle) with Clemens. Every Monday and Thursday morning, he will wake up and go on like this:

Clemens: Mum, I am not feeling so well. I don’t want to go to school.

Mum: Oh dear, you are not feeling well. I believe after some milk, you will feel better.

Clemens (after milk): Mum I am still not feeling well.

Mum: I am sure after a bathe you will be fine.

Clemens (after bath): Mum I am not feeling better.

Mum: That is because you have to quickly put on your clothes.

Clemens: But I don’t want to go to school…………………

Mum: You will have fun at school, you always do. Remember the drawings and painting you want to show me? Why not you pick something that you might like to bring to school with you.

Clemens: Ok, alright Mum.


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