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Healthy Lifestyle: Week 1

Posted on: Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last week I had written that I am quite upset about the weight I had put on and that I am going to do something about it. Well I finally paid my family doctor a visit for help and gosh… my BMI index was a whooping 28 kg/m2 which indicate that I am obese with high risk. This means that I am a lot more prone to diabetics, high blood pressure, heart attack and blah blah blah.

I started to talk to him about my eating habits, physical activities and how I am always getting hungry even after eating my 3 main meals especially between 10pm to 11pm. After which he gave me a month supply of pills to be taken 1 each every morning before food. The pills help me to achieve food satiety (70% full) instead of gorging myself silly till I am full up to my neck and of course it also help to increase my metabolism.

However this does not mean that the pill can help me to reduce weight instantly like magic as those promised in slimming salons. Effort has to be put in because what I want to achieve is keeping the weight off for a long time too. I had to change my lifestyle and eating habits. Therefore right now, I eat smaller meals with more greens, switch my ice-cream for yogurt, and replace my can drinks with plain water and rewarding myself with a bottle of yakult if I had that sweet craving. As for chocolates, luckily I only fancy dark chocolates and not the milk ones but they are of course now in moderation too.

Right now, I also try to commit a daily of 1 hour exercise routine which consists of 30 minutes yoga and 30 minutes of aerobics on the Wii Fit board that my hubby bought for me when we were in Australia. Other exercises include walking Clemens to school and nearby shopping centres instead of driving.

Readers must be wondering if such a drastic change was difficult for to me to maintain. I have to tell you seriously no because when you are truly committed and you have a goal, nothing is too difficult.

Moreover after the birth of Damir, I committed myself into this routine too. I saw results. A healthier and radiant me but I turned conceited and I lost track of myself in Australia. I gorged myself silly with ice-cream and milkshakes, fries and delicious huge burgers. I gave myself plenty of excuses not to work out.

I had my fair share of dieting experience; slimming salons, dieting pills, starvation. However at the end of the day, it is still healthy eating and regular workouts that help.

Anyway at the end of week 1, my BMI index is now 25.9kg/m2. You must be thinking WOW……. that is fast. Well in fact I am worried about losing my weight too fast too because it can mean a faster rebound. Hence right now, I am trying to keep a steady pace.


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