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My Monthly Budget

Posted on: Tuesday, March 10, 2009


One of our highly anticipate event each year will be the Finance Minister’s annual Budget Speech because it usually touches on the economic and outlook performances of our country and what kind of help is rendered to our family and of course small business and the employment of Singaporeans. It basically serves 2 purposes as:

·         a record of the approved levels of expenditure and accountability of the government fund usage and;

·         a plan of the estimated government revenue and expenditure for the financial year.

Another type of budget cycle will be the monthly budget cycle that we- families and households face. I am not sure how some of you face it but to me it can be a nightmare. To me, it is just a repetitive cycle of salary, savings, debts, bills and expenses which I can count myself lucky if I do not end up with a deficit before the end of the month.

Gone are the Australia days where we still have allowances to live on while putting the salary aside and the rental of the house paid for by my hubby’s company. Now as I am still on the job hunt, we are living on a single salary brought home by my hubby with the house mortgage, car instalment, and kid’s school fees to be paid for in cash. Of course there are other things to be paid for but these make up the bulk of it.  I use to be beaming with pride every time I put away 20% of what we have but right now, I can be stealing a smile if I can squeeze out a 10 % to be put aside.

However I can’t be complaining much with the moral support of my family. I never have to spend much on groceries as my mum is always doing the marketing and cooking for my family. Hence at least I am not reduced to sleeping on the streets or to starvation. For this, I am really grateful.

Though I have read several financial management books before but I never seem to understand them especially a statement from Rich Dad Poor Dad which says, “to put your savings first, then your expenses and pay the creditors last.” Why pay your creditors last? It is because the author believes that we will never want to owe our creditors’ money and no matter what we will find a way to earn the extra money back to pay our creditors.

Well I have neither the brains nor the creative juices of Robert T. Kiyosaki and Adam Khoo to do an investment or earning the extra money hence I have never tried paying my bills and creditors last. Seems like I am doomed to be a Poor Mum waiting for that repetitive budget cycle every month. 🙂


2 Responses to "My Monthly Budget"

how are you??
i miss you and yr boys!!
talk to me when u see me on9 kk..
yr usually away when u on9??
everytime msn you no reply.. =(

MEET UP SOON!!!!!! =)

hi dear, I have been busy these days. How about you? Really miss the days in Australia. 🙂

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