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Quite some time ago, I got hired by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy with the Executive Education Department. With this world crisis, the experience I have, and armed with the qualification I have and despite for not working for 2 years, I have to say that I am quite enjoying what I am doing right now. It is hectic, a whole new experience with lots of tight deadline, challenges and heart attacks. However, despite all, I am very fortunate to be a working with a team of really really nice people.

Yet I feel something is lacking, I am also missing those days where I wake up and cook for my boys, see them wake up and tend to their very needs and whimpers. Putting on the office suit in exchange for the domestic lifestyle feels so……. I really can’t describe that feeling. I really wish to have the best of the whole world. I love tending to my boys and I also love meeting with people around the corner of the world and learn about their culture. I feel so contradicting.

Anyway right now, I am planning a short 3D2N vacation at Malaysia with my hubby for the boys. I can’t decide on a theme park or an island vacation. Yup the theme park tour with all the adventures and excitement caters for the boys but I prefer the island one so that we can all relax on the beach and watch the boys play with the white sand while my hubby and I sip on some cocktail and do some catching up with our really busy work schedule. I am all smiles as I think about this.

At this time right now, I am watching my boys sleep with their angelic faces. Watching them brings me some kind of heart tingling warmth, peace and silent smiles to my face. I just feel like sniffing them, snuggling my nose into their neck and plant kisses all over their face. But of course I will refrain myself.

I will always treasure this precious silent moment with them.



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