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Birthday Boys Placing on the Candles

Birthday Boys Placing on the Candles

Clemens birthday is actually during the middle of the June School holidays. I also know that it is his wish to celebrate it with his friends handling out goodie bags to his friends as gift. I seriously do not want to disappoint his little wish and yet I find it weird to celebrate his birthday 3 weeks earlier.

However when I attended a Parenting Seminar on the 16 May 2009, I found out that Clemens’ best friend- Maximus  has the same birth date as him and it is also his wish to celebrate his birthday with his classmates and his mum too like me found it a little funny  to celebrate Maximus birthday 3 weeks earlier.

It was quite a tough decision on our part to decide to celebrate their birthday on the last day of school before the term ends or at the beginning of school during the start of a new term.

We finally decided on the last day of school and decided to also share the cost of the cake. After which it was for me to order the cake and there were 30 goodie bags to pack. This again means grocery shopping for the gifts to be given out. It was tremendous fun on my part except that Clemens played no part in it as it was a rather rush and there were days I had to work late.

But the morning of the 29th May, 2009 was indeed an exciting day for the boys who woke up and changed without fuss. When the cake was brought out, the kids were all wowing with awe and one of them even shouted, “Look Volcano cake!” The scene was cute and it seriously can’t stop the smiles from coming to my face (I believe Maximus’ mum can’t stop smiling too.).

Anyway that morning, we got to sit into class with the “birthday” boys and I have to say, I am seriously impressed with the teachers at the school. I can see that most of the children enjoyed attending school. They were all on smiles. I also have the principal to thank. It was really thoughtful of her to convert the last day of school to a party day for the kids and party home clothes were the theme.

Anyway, to see the smiles on Clemens and the rest of the kids, it is to me- Money well spent. The next boy will be Damir. I am seriously thinking of getting him mini cupcakes for easy eating for the children and the teachers do not have to cut the cake.

Ya……..  this time round, I ordered the Croquembouche (with the theme cars and balls) from The Patissier. It was made up profiteroles with assorted cream and I think the fun thing about eating it is all you have to do is to choose a design you like and pluck it off (just like plucking apples from the trees) and pop it into your mouth. You never know what you are going till you bite into the puff and the cream just oozes out and wow…… you might get chocolate cream, strawberry cream and even passion fruit cream. It really depends….

Anyway it was really delightful to hear the squeals from the kids and teachers. Really I have to say, ‘Thank you’ to the teachers, and of course the classmates who made all the happiness, laughter and smiles possible.

My Very Own Favourite: Clemens & Damir, Maximus & His Sister (except that the cake was covered up)

My Very Own Favourite: Clemens & Damir, Maximus & His Sister (except that the cake was covered up)


The Newly Wed with Clemens & Damir

I am posting some posts way back in May. Well early this month, we had attended my brother-in-law’s wedding. It was a truly magical matrimony as what my ‘new’ sister-in-law has wished for. And, my big boy has got a taste of how being a page boy feels like. Damir was ‘strike out’ of the list because he was practically running downing the aisle which was really hilarious.  I believe if he was in, he would have reached the groom way before anybody did.

However, I was really truly touched by the whole ceremony- the serenity of the church, the talk by the pastor (it actually struck a cord for my own marriage), the holy communion and the speech by by my brother-in-law. I was practically tearing with joy and envy.

I was also amazed at Clemens’ maturity to be able to listen to instructions and did what he was told without any hiccups. He was gorgeous, handsome and he made me a proud mother beaming with the brightest glow as he walked down the aisle with a no-nonsense attitude. My earlier worries of him throwing a temper, running off with the ring or losing it was unfounded. He is truly my big, sensible boy.

Mother'sDay Cake

You have worked hard and

You have worked tirelessly,

Your love is unconditional and

Your love is like an endless bottomless pit.

To all the Mothers around, whether you are a stay-at-home mum, work-from-home mum or working mum, you are still the greatest.

Your efforts may seem unrecognized to others but you yourself and the kids know best.

A mother and child bonding at the heart is always unique and special.

Words need not be said as it is already all carved in the heart.

Therefore do not be discouraged or disheartened because you are always the BEST and unreplaceable.

Wishing all, A Happy Mother’s Day!!











It has been quite sometime since I last posted a conversation with Clemens. Since I started working, I have been giving away a lot of mummy’s time that were suppose to belong to the boys exclusively. This is when I realized that they are learning everyday. I am seriously considering putting them into a full day childcare in the hope that they might learn even more during my absence.  Any feedback about Learning Vision?

Alright let’s get back to the main topic on conversation. My hubby has been away out at sea for 3 days on board the military ship. If you are still unaware of my hubby’s occupation, my hubby is a senior technician with the RSAF where he fixes the helicopter. That is when the conversation with Clemens begins.

Clemens: Why is dad not coming back for so many days?

Mummy: It is because he is out at sea working.

Clemens: Is he shooting the sharks out there?

Mummy: (I seriously do not understand my hub’s occupation. It is all too technical for me) Most probably dear.

Clemens: Oh I see. Mum, what is dad doing on the ship when he fixes the helicopter?

Mum: It is because dad needs to travel across the South-China Sea. We take a ship when we need to travel across the ocean.

Clemens: Ok alright Mum. But can you please ask him not to shoot the sharks?  Shoot the turtles instead.

Mum: (I was already tired of answering his questions. I thought I have taken him down with this) Fine baby.

Clemens: (after about 3 to 5 mins, he came running back to me, with a frown as if he has been pondering very hard) Mumm……., why must dad take the ship, when the helicopters can fly over the ocean too?

Mum: (Arrggggg………… I was totally speechless, and have must totally admit defeat when I ask him to hurry up and prepare for school)

At this time, I seriously feel like burying my head in the sands. I feel like prying open his brains to see what’s going in there and yet of course, the feeling of guilt overwhelm me when I realized through the conversation that I hardly understand my hubby’s job scope. I am guilty of not answering my boy’s question truthfully, I was just trying to brush him off with his questions and of course guilty of not teaching him the values of protecting species that might become extinct perhaps in the next decade or century or so.

Moral of the story: Don’t over look the power of little people like kids. There is also a great deal we can learn from them.


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