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Across or Over the Ocean? The Ship or The Helicopter?

Posted on: Saturday, May 9, 2009











It has been quite sometime since I last posted a conversation with Clemens. Since I started working, I have been giving away a lot of mummy’s time that were suppose to belong to the boys exclusively. This is when I realized that they are learning everyday. I am seriously considering putting them into a full day childcare in the hope that they might learn even more during my absence.  Any feedback about Learning Vision?

Alright let’s get back to the main topic on conversation. My hubby has been away out at sea for 3 days on board the military ship. If you are still unaware of my hubby’s occupation, my hubby is a senior technician with the RSAF where he fixes the helicopter. That is when the conversation with Clemens begins.

Clemens: Why is dad not coming back for so many days?

Mummy: It is because he is out at sea working.

Clemens: Is he shooting the sharks out there?

Mummy: (I seriously do not understand my hub’s occupation. It is all too technical for me) Most probably dear.

Clemens: Oh I see. Mum, what is dad doing on the ship when he fixes the helicopter?

Mum: It is because dad needs to travel across the South-China Sea. We take a ship when we need to travel across the ocean.

Clemens: Ok alright Mum. But can you please ask him not to shoot the sharks?  Shoot the turtles instead.

Mum: (I was already tired of answering his questions. I thought I have taken him down with this) Fine baby.

Clemens: (after about 3 to 5 mins, he came running back to me, with a frown as if he has been pondering very hard) Mumm……., why must dad take the ship, when the helicopters can fly over the ocean too?

Mum: (Arrggggg………… I was totally speechless, and have must totally admit defeat when I ask him to hurry up and prepare for school)

At this time, I seriously feel like burying my head in the sands. I feel like prying open his brains to see what’s going in there and yet of course, the feeling of guilt overwhelm me when I realized through the conversation that I hardly understand my hubby’s job scope. I am guilty of not answering my boy’s question truthfully, I was just trying to brush him off with his questions and of course guilty of not teaching him the values of protecting species that might become extinct perhaps in the next decade or century or so.

Moral of the story: Don’t over look the power of little people like kids. There is also a great deal we can learn from them.


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