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DamirThis is my little Damir looking all cute and professional looking for the camera. At 2 yrs 6 mths, he is every bit of a bubbly and adorable kid parents will die for. His motor skills is great and he is picking up his language and forming sentences fast. He may seem bold, outgoing and independent but he is still a mummy’s boys in the heart. Compared to his Big brother Clemens, he still loves his hugs, cuddles and kisses. I never seem to get enough of him. He is definately the baby of the family and my little smiling pea.


EtudeHouseAs I have ran out of cosmetic totally, I have been hunting for one with beautiful packaging, quality that suits my facial needs and of course with a relatively low cost. I finally found Etude House at Johor City Square Mall and I found that it suits to all my needs without being overpriced. Best of all ,I have no break out after using a week of the BB Magic Balm which acts as a foundation.

Well….. I shall not go on ranting about it as there have been raves about it in the forums on the products from Etude House. I will infact recommend you to have go down and try it and see if the product suits you as what is good might not be the best for you. They have just recently opened a stall at Plaza Singapura (Basement 1). The decor of the stall is in sweet pink and it is definately hard to miss.

However I must say I am loving it more every time I use it especially the BB Compact Powder and cute little blusher. I can’t get enough of the eyeshadow and lipstick too with a layer of gloss on it.

The remaining verdict is up to you and please do share it with me too. 🙂

Lightening McQueen

Clemens' 2nd Birthday Cake of the Year

Well well. There are always certain special privileges as the 1st grandson and Clemens is the eldest grandson in my hubby’s family. After celebrating his Birthday way earlier in school, last week my mother-in-law ordered him another Birthday cake with his favourite cartoon character – Lighting McQueen. He was of course elated and I was like wow…. what a lucky boy. But soon enough, it is time to pull Clemens’ back to earth. 🙂

My Hubby and Mine Shadow

My Hubby and Mine Shadow

My hubby usually travels quite often and this time, it will be no exception too. He is going to be away for 2 months. On days he makes me annoy, I will wish that he will go away for a while. However, whenever the time comes for him to go, there will be a tugging and pinning in my heart for him not to go.  The boys are going to miss him very much. I know I am going to miss him real bad too. However, I know I have to be there for the boys and perhaps, they are really what keep me happy and going without him.

He is always there for us, whenever we need him, always there to hold me whenever I am sad. He gives me the greatest support I have ever felt. He tolerates me when no one could and is always there to reassure me that I am fine as a person. He picks up the pieces for me when I get into trouble and he shields me away from anything bad that might happen to me. And it is only with him that I can be a baby

My hubby will be what I describe as perhaps one of the best hubby and father of the century.

My dear, I know that during this trip it is going to be hard for you to contact therefore all I ask from you is to have a good trip and stay safe for us.

Loving You Always,


Nail Addiction

My Nail Addiction

Recently, I have been addicted to doing Manicure and Pedicure. I seriously don’t know why. Every time I say that it will be the last time, but the obsession never seem to ends. Anyway this is latest set I am spotting now and it just brings weird look to my boys’ face.

Clemens: Mummy, why are your nails black?

Mum:  Because of you my dear. Mummy have been poisoned by your mischievousness (I seriously don’t know how I came out with this but it just pops out from my mouth)

Clemens: (Covers his mouth and gave a loud gasped) Huh????? Sorry Mummy, I will be good.

Well well, his goodness only lasted for 30mins and I think in future if he still remembers this, he will finally realized that his mum is a vain pot.


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