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In these short recent weeks, I have realised the destructive power of misinterpretation of messages. They can break you down and cause miscommunications if the people around you deem it that you are pointing your fingers at them.

What is never meant for them, they deem it as it is and the responses and replies can be immensly hurting, irritating and annoying where the consequences usually end up as a huge disaster and the relations end up in ICU mode. It works in a vice versa way and I too have made the same mistake of all the above till when things become clearer and and the fingerpointing becomes more direct.

Readers, if possible do drop a few notes to share how we can avoid the disasters and to enlighten me about being socially responsible. 🙂

Hilarious Imitation Posing of the Rooster

Hilarious Imitation Posing of the Rooster

Just for laughs but I still feel Clemens flared better than the dad as he looked more into it in his pose.

What is BROKEN can never be fully repaired. Even when repaired, the crackline will still be there.

What is LOST might never be the same again. Even when found, it might never be the same again.

Instead of letting history repeat itself again and again and the hurt each time deeper and each time more unforgettable,

Let’s move on, start life afresh and bury the hurt deep inside us never to be dug out again.

Cheeky Damir

Cheeky Damir

Damir at 2.5 years old is really full of fun, cheekiness and smart. I really love his impish grin which never fails to brighten up my day and his startled look when he is caught doing something not so nice. I love his dare-devilness always ready to try something new. I definitely love the way he cleverly answers my questions in a politically correct way with the pout of his little mouth and the frown between his forehead as if he has been thinking very hard.

Just can’t help but love him to bits.


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