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When I first started this website in 2008, I was quite aimless and clueless about what to write.  However when I started my 1st entry, I realised I couldn’t stop writing. There are so much I want to write, so many happy things that I want to share. I also wanted to share some of my perspectives on certain things in life and I also wanted to share the recipes that I have learnt during my stay in Australia. Hence that is it; the website is now for me to write whatever I am thinking, the interesting things in my daily life, my boys and whatever I have learnt.

Although in some of the posts I have written on my frustrations, I am ultimately still inspired to write about happy and positive things.

Objective of the Website

  • I hope that I will be able to brighten my reader’s day and put a smile on their face through my writings.
  • I hope that those who have read my website will have gain something from it.
  • I hope that I will be able to learn things from my readers too. (Hence do not hesitate to leave any comments)

Do enjoy reading!

About the Author

I am Angelia Giam and am a working mum right now, currently hired by the Lee Kuan School of Public Policy. I have been to Queensland and stayed there as a full time mum for a period of time due to mine hubby’s working stint. At that point, everything was like a dream, everything was so hands on and domestic. Life was all about and revolving around the husband and 2 boys. Everything was so slow-paced, serene, peaceful and down-to-earth. I will describe life in Australia as a contentment. It was such simple joy.

Right now, it is right back to reality, the fast-paced and high standard of living depicts the life of a city. My big boy is now in nursery in the morning and by noon, perhaps twice a week, he will have gone for other classes. Gone were the days, I bring my boys to the cafe for a chocolate drink and the park (due to the very hot and humid weather) for a run, a picnic or even just sitting under the trees chittering and chattering with them.

I myself on the other hand has returned to the work force, to face up with the challenges, meeting up with tight deadlines, and playing host to officials from the 4 corners of the world which I have not done for the past 2 years. It was like a sudden change of environment and I am of course grateful for this learning opportunity and trust that my employer has given me during this difficult times.

As much as I enjoy my working life now, I know I am still a domestic person at heart. I do miss spending time with my boys, listening to the surprising stuff that comes out from their mouth which makes me wonder and think what is going on in their tiny head. How can such a tiny person think of such an big idea like this? There are times, my heart will scream out, “Give me something DOMESTIC!” My hands on the other end will be itching to get dirty with grease or even perhaps flour and my feet will just walk me to the kitchen to whip up something for the family. Looking at the smiles of my boys and the approving nod of my hubby, can never replace the monetary rewards as much as this- the glow and joy of my heart, the simple joy and contentment of family bliss.

I still aim to stay positive and I will like to think that I can overcome any kind of difficulty in life and still be happy.

Though I no longer write as much as before, please do stay tune as on an ad hoc basis, whenever I feel like it, I will still post an entry or two.

Your support is sincerly much appreciated b me.



Read at your own risk. This site may contain some sensitive issues. Please do not carry on reading if you think it might upset you. The owner shall bear no responsibility to your emotional and physical health being.

Welcome to The New Age Mum

Hi I am Angelia Giam! This site is basically dedicated to my 2 very precious boys who have filled my life with the all the colours of the world. It is also about me striving to lead a balance and fulfilling life with the family I have created. I have also added some basic food recipes which I have tried and tasted; and recommended some parenting books which I have read and found it to be useful as well for all to share.

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