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My Boys, Sister & Colleague-Devi

My Boys, Sister & Colleague-Devi

Over the weekend, my department had one of the functions at the Night Safari which allowed us to bring our kids. Well, not only I was excited but the boys too. They were chirping on it for the whole week till the ‘BIG’ day finally arrives for them. The buffet dinner at Ulu Ulu Court was sumptuous and each condiments & sauces were beautifully paired with the grills by bringing out more flavour in the grilled food. The desserts were refreshing and the boys’ favourite is of course the Black Forest Roulade. Let me share the menu:

Cold Appetizer

Tomato & Olive

Cucumber with Yogurt & Dill

Baby Carrot in Orange Dressing

Mixed Seasonal Salad with Watercress


Thousand Island, French & Italian Dressing

Grill on The Spot

Marinated Sirloin Steak (BBQ Sauce & Black Pepper Sauce)

Marinated snapper with Spices & Herb (Lemon Wedge)

Chicken & Pineapple Kebab (Thai Chilli Chutney Compote)

Chipolata Sausage Bratwurst (Cafe de Paris Butter)

Hot Dish

Stir Fried Seafood Rice

Boiled Broccoli with Chinese Mushroom

Sweet & Sour Fish with Capsicum

Mashed Potato with Parmesan Cheese


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter

Black Forest Roulade Slice

Chilled Sago Honeydew

After all the above goodies, it was a ride on the private tram around the safari. Being a Singaporean, I am ashamed to say that I have never been to the night safari but yet on my 1st trip that, I was truly impressed with all closed up encounter with the roaming animals and it was indeed really educational for the boys.

Ever since the trip, everything was all about the elephants and giraffe from the boys. They have also since been harping on me to bring them there again.

PS: I will like to thank Devi (my colleague) and Denni (my boss) for keeping Clemens entertained despite his never-ending questions. J

Lightening McQueen

Clemens' 2nd Birthday Cake of the Year

Well well. There are always certain special privileges as the 1st grandson and Clemens is the eldest grandson in my hubby’s family. After celebrating his Birthday way earlier in school, last week my mother-in-law ordered him another Birthday cake with his favourite cartoon character – Lighting McQueen. He was of course elated and I was like wow…. what a lucky boy. But soon enough, it is time to pull Clemens’ back to earth. 🙂

Birthday Boys Placing on the Candles

Birthday Boys Placing on the Candles

Clemens birthday is actually during the middle of the June School holidays. I also know that it is his wish to celebrate it with his friends handling out goodie bags to his friends as gift. I seriously do not want to disappoint his little wish and yet I find it weird to celebrate his birthday 3 weeks earlier.

However when I attended a Parenting Seminar on the 16 May 2009, I found out that Clemens’ best friend- Maximus  has the same birth date as him and it is also his wish to celebrate his birthday with his classmates and his mum too like me found it a little funny  to celebrate Maximus birthday 3 weeks earlier.

It was quite a tough decision on our part to decide to celebrate their birthday on the last day of school before the term ends or at the beginning of school during the start of a new term.

We finally decided on the last day of school and decided to also share the cost of the cake. After which it was for me to order the cake and there were 30 goodie bags to pack. This again means grocery shopping for the gifts to be given out. It was tremendous fun on my part except that Clemens played no part in it as it was a rather rush and there were days I had to work late.

But the morning of the 29th May, 2009 was indeed an exciting day for the boys who woke up and changed without fuss. When the cake was brought out, the kids were all wowing with awe and one of them even shouted, “Look Volcano cake!” The scene was cute and it seriously can’t stop the smiles from coming to my face (I believe Maximus’ mum can’t stop smiling too.).

Anyway that morning, we got to sit into class with the “birthday” boys and I have to say, I am seriously impressed with the teachers at the school. I can see that most of the children enjoyed attending school. They were all on smiles. I also have the principal to thank. It was really thoughtful of her to convert the last day of school to a party day for the kids and party home clothes were the theme.

Anyway, to see the smiles on Clemens and the rest of the kids, it is to me- Money well spent. The next boy will be Damir. I am seriously thinking of getting him mini cupcakes for easy eating for the children and the teachers do not have to cut the cake.

Ya……..  this time round, I ordered the Croquembouche (with the theme cars and balls) from The Patissier. It was made up profiteroles with assorted cream and I think the fun thing about eating it is all you have to do is to choose a design you like and pluck it off (just like plucking apples from the trees) and pop it into your mouth. You never know what you are going till you bite into the puff and the cream just oozes out and wow…… you might get chocolate cream, strawberry cream and even passion fruit cream. It really depends….

Anyway it was really delightful to hear the squeals from the kids and teachers. Really I have to say, ‘Thank you’ to the teachers, and of course the classmates who made all the happiness, laughter and smiles possible.

My Very Own Favourite: Clemens & Damir, Maximus & His Sister (except that the cake was covered up)

My Very Own Favourite: Clemens & Damir, Maximus & His Sister (except that the cake was covered up)

We went to the Sydney Fish Market for the last time and we continued our journey to the ever so famous Bondi Beach. Overall, like all the other beaches I have seen in my stay in Australia, Bondi beach also has clean, clear water with soft white sand. My boys and I had our fun walking along the beach kicking in coming waves at each other but it is such a pity that I did not bring down my camera.

It is also over here, we bought Damir his 1st pair of Ray Ban and a pair of flip flops.

Now it is time to embark our 6 hour jounry to Coff Harbour to stay for the night.


Yummy seafood


Damir’s Ray Ben


Damir’s 1st pair of flip flops

At 6am we proceeded with our journey to Sydney and we arrived at about 11am. After checking in, we went prowling for lunch and we went to the Sydney Fish Market where that is the 1st time I see really fresh seafood.

Afterward, it was our own time, own target exploring the city and we were awed and fascinated by the structure of the old and new buildings together.

However the building that caught my eyes was the impressive Queen Victorian Building. Not only the exterior was magnificent, the interior was just what I like; very Victorian.

We met our friends for a nice Chinese dinner and after which we went for a walk around the city for a while. That was all for the day and we were all dead beat.


View from our apartment


Sydney Fish Market


Trays of Oysters


Queen Victoria Building (QVB)


My boys running on the carpet of QVB




Father & Son

Today is the day. The day where we begin our 12 hour journey to Sydney. My hubby went off with his colleagues to collect the car where it can fit all of us and from there we hit the road.

On along the way, it was a pretty sight with all the greeneries and we had stopped over at Sandthorpe to get a few bottles of apple juice.

We had our mind set on proceeding all the way since we had 3 drivers to take turn till my hubby’s boss called. Concerned for our safety, he urged us to stop at Tamworth for the night and hence here we are at Tamworth’s Country Valley Motel.

However I am still excited by the fact the right now we are driving along the country side with loads of greeneries and by tomorrow all these greeneries will be transformed into concrete jungle as we enter the city.


Snacks I made for the road trip


Designated Driver to Sydney is …………. Clemens Lee


1st hour into the journey


3rd Hour into the journey


A Coffee Break


6th Hour into the journey


Town of Tamworth


Amazing Greeneries


With the temperature going down to 15 degrees during summer, guess what can we have for dinner? Teppanyaki and steam boat of course. It is really our 1st time having steam boat in Australia because I am always so lazy to take out the cook wares for it.

Anyway, my boys are so awed with the fact that they can cook their own dinner tonight that it is just so funny seeing the expression on their face. And my hubby of course loves his food. However there was kind of too much food for 2 adults and 2 kids that my hubby and I just literally gorged ourselves silly. We were trying not to have too much left over because we are heading for Sydney on Wednesday morning.

Yeah we are driving to Sydney with a few friends and it is going to be a 12 hours drive. I am truly really excited because on along the way, we are going to stop by several little interesting towns.

Any way here is what happen to the left overs. They ended up in my hubby’s lunch box for the next day.


Till then we meet again readers. Bye…………….


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