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From left to right: Celia, Kairis, Evo and I

These really lovely wives of Kearney Spring are my dinning partners since our hubbies are away on a work trip for 6 weeks. I really appreciate their company and especially their food on the days when I do not have to cook. These girls made my days without my hubby pass faster and happier of course.

We gather to cook for each other and eat together because basically, life can be boring in Toowoomba without the hubbies around and it is definitely difficult to cook for 1 person and 2 kids. Hence that is why, the more the merrier. When my hubby returns, I know I am absolutely going to miss:

  • Celia’s Mutton Curry
  • Kairis’s Chicken Rice
  • Evo’s Banana Cake

How I wish she is mine but she is not.

On Sunday, I was invited to a friend’s full month baby celebration. The baby was so cute and she really makes me feel like having a third kid. Holding her just revives me memories of holding Clemens and Damir when they were still an infant. (Haha, my hubby will faint upon hearing this and look at my boys’ expression in the photo.)

Well well, if I can, I will really like to have more kids. However considering the fact that we are returning to Singapore and considering the hectic lifestyle and high standard of living back home, it is really unlikely that we have a third kid.

This is sad isn’t it? To want something badly and yet not being able to have it due to the financial and environmental factors to consider. L

No it is not my 10 year anniversary but my hubby’s company 10 year anniversary party. Hence it was off to my hubby’s workplace in the morning. The boys were definitely excited because my hubby has been home late for the past week. He missed dinner and gaming time with the boys. Therefore I told the boys that we are going to work with daddy and bring him back early. The boys cheered and clapped. Clemens wanted to be a shark therefore he asked for his Shark Overall. The event was good and the guys really put in alot of effort. There were plenty of good food, display of vintage cars and best of all the Kids’ Corner.

I like that because it really kept the boys entertained and it was also a corner to catch up with the other wives. Of course, the kids had their face painted again and I really had a hard time to convince Clemens to get his face cleaned when he got home.

He was like pleading and crying, “Mummy please don’t clean off my sharkie face. I want to be a sharkie. I want to eat cookies.” It is indeed hilarious to have a cookie-eating shark.

Today is the day. Happy Birthday Singapore! This morning, we set off to celebrate National Day at my hubby’s company with all the food I had prepared for the celebration. It was really a sleepless night the previous night with all the ondeh ondeh I had rolled and cooked plus the last minute request from my hubby’s colleague to cook nasi lemak (coconut rice) and to marinate chicken wings for frying. I was so tired and cranky that I vowed to my hubby that I will never do ondeh ondeh again and can you imagine, not a word of sympathy from him. He just laughed.

Though it was not a good morning to begin with for me, it changed when I arrived at the company. The National Day mood was suddenly there when I see all fellow Singaporeans wearing red and white. Our National Anthem was on the speaker loud and clear and there was a huge projector screening Singapore’s past, present and future. The best is that the Australians from the company also joined in to celebrate this day with us. It was just like a mini Singapore.

The whole celebration was well organised with games to play and face painting for the kids. My boys certainly had a good time having their face and hand painted. And the food prepared by all of us was great. It feels like being home with all the local dishes like hainanese chicken rice and mince meat mushroom noodle. The Australians have also prepared their own local food and desert. The mixed fruits with palover and chocolate lamingtons were my absolute favourite. I certainly ate to my fill.

The insufficient sleep was certainly worth it and the other guys work really hard too for the event. The organizer had done a really great job to keep everything going.

It was really a Happy National Day.


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