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Hilarious Imitation Posing of the Rooster

Hilarious Imitation Posing of the Rooster

Just for laughs but I still feel Clemens flared better than the dad as he looked more into it in his pose.

Cheeky Damir

Cheeky Damir

Damir at 2.5 years old is really full of fun, cheekiness and smart. I really love his impish grin which never fails to brighten up my day and his startled look when he is caught doing something not so nice. I love his dare-devilness always ready to try something new. I definitely love the way he cleverly answers my questions in a politically correct way with the pout of his little mouth and the frown between his forehead as if he has been thinking very hard.

Just can’t help but love him to bits.

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Amazing Sunset

Amazing Sunset

In April, I have written that we were planning for a short trip to Malaysia. However the destination was changed to Bintan instead. Yup we went to Bintan during the 1st week of June and had a hell of the time. We all came back very tan and was our skin was peeling just like a snake shedding its skin 🙂 But whatever it is, the most important thing to me is that the boys had enjoyed themselves and of course had their fill of fun playing with the sand on the beach and the water from the pool. As usual, the nervous mummy (I) had my fill of time being skeptical that something might happen to the boys be it, falling into the sea from the kelong or a sting from the jellyfish. My stomach had been constantly in knots and on the contradictory the smiles were all over my face.

Anyway, looking through the photos, I have picked up a few of my favourite shots 🙂

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys

The Boys Enjoying the Sea Water

The Boys Enjoying the Sea Water

The Kelong Boys

The Kelong Boys

The Pool Boys

The Pool Boys

My Very Favourite

My Very Favourite

Yup the last shot I have posted is one of my very most favourite as I thought that it is hilarious. Posting all these, I hope that in future, my boys will have a good memory of the things and places they have done and been to since they are kids.

PS: Boys, mummy will always love you all no matter what happens and thanks for giving me all the good memories.

My Boys, Sister & Colleague-Devi

My Boys, Sister & Colleague-Devi

Over the weekend, my department had one of the functions at the Night Safari which allowed us to bring our kids. Well, not only I was excited but the boys too. They were chirping on it for the whole week till the ‘BIG’ day finally arrives for them. The buffet dinner at Ulu Ulu Court was sumptuous and each condiments & sauces were beautifully paired with the grills by bringing out more flavour in the grilled food. The desserts were refreshing and the boys’ favourite is of course the Black Forest Roulade. Let me share the menu:

Cold Appetizer

Tomato & Olive

Cucumber with Yogurt & Dill

Baby Carrot in Orange Dressing

Mixed Seasonal Salad with Watercress


Thousand Island, French & Italian Dressing

Grill on The Spot

Marinated Sirloin Steak (BBQ Sauce & Black Pepper Sauce)

Marinated snapper with Spices & Herb (Lemon Wedge)

Chicken & Pineapple Kebab (Thai Chilli Chutney Compote)

Chipolata Sausage Bratwurst (Cafe de Paris Butter)

Hot Dish

Stir Fried Seafood Rice

Boiled Broccoli with Chinese Mushroom

Sweet & Sour Fish with Capsicum

Mashed Potato with Parmesan Cheese


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter

Black Forest Roulade Slice

Chilled Sago Honeydew

After all the above goodies, it was a ride on the private tram around the safari. Being a Singaporean, I am ashamed to say that I have never been to the night safari but yet on my 1st trip that, I was truly impressed with all closed up encounter with the roaming animals and it was indeed really educational for the boys.

Ever since the trip, everything was all about the elephants and giraffe from the boys. They have also since been harping on me to bring them there again.

PS: I will like to thank Devi (my colleague) and Denni (my boss) for keeping Clemens entertained despite his never-ending questions. J

DamirThis is my little Damir looking all cute and professional looking for the camera. At 2 yrs 6 mths, he is every bit of a bubbly and adorable kid parents will die for. His motor skills is great and he is picking up his language and forming sentences fast. He may seem bold, outgoing and independent but he is still a mummy’s boys in the heart. Compared to his Big brother Clemens, he still loves his hugs, cuddles and kisses. I never seem to get enough of him. He is definately the baby of the family and my little smiling pea.

Lightening McQueen

Clemens' 2nd Birthday Cake of the Year

Well well. There are always certain special privileges as the 1st grandson and Clemens is the eldest grandson in my hubby’s family. After celebrating his Birthday way earlier in school, last week my mother-in-law ordered him another Birthday cake with his favourite cartoon character – Lighting McQueen. He was of course elated and I was like wow…. what a lucky boy. But soon enough, it is time to pull Clemens’ back to earth. 🙂


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