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Today, when my hubby came back from work, he was really excited. He told me The Wiggles are coming to town!!

Hubby: Dear the Wiggles are coming to town.

Me: Huh…….really???? Ok.

Hubby: Shall we bring the kids?

Me: All right.

Clemens: Wiggles, wiggles!!! (doing the wiggle twist) Hooray!!

Damir: Giggle, giggle yeh!!

Hence it is all set that we will be going down to Dream World to see The Wiggles. Thinking back, I really cannot remember when The Wiggles madness came into our life. I remember not really liking it because the team is made up of 5 big men prancing around catchy kids’ music with a dog, a dinosaur and an octopus. It is really not a sight to fall in love with immediately.

I remember hesitating to buy Clemens his 1st Wiggle CD. I thought Hi-5 was a better option but Clemens insisted on The Wiggles. That was it; the boys will watch it every day, every hour. Every minute, the word “Wiggle Wiggle” will come out from Clemens’ mouth with Damir doing the twist action (an iconic action from the Wiggles). It was madness. Soon the house was filled with the nearly the entire Wiggles CD collection and every time with the boys in the car, the radio will be blasting with The Wiggle Music. Even Clemens assessment books and story books have The Wiggles endorsement. Oh my……kids…..

But I have to admit that by now, I like it too. Perhaps because of the nice catchy songs or perhaps because my boys like it so much. I am sure it is the same with my hubby.

A toast to THE WIGGLES!!!!!


Yesh, we have finally bought a car. And mine, ain’t the boys excited?


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