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My Boys, Sister & Colleague-Devi

My Boys, Sister & Colleague-Devi

Over the weekend, my department had one of the functions at the Night Safari which allowed us to bring our kids. Well, not only I was excited but the boys too. They were chirping on it for the whole week till the ‘BIG’ day finally arrives for them. The buffet dinner at Ulu Ulu Court was sumptuous and each condiments & sauces were beautifully paired with the grills by bringing out more flavour in the grilled food. The desserts were refreshing and the boys’ favourite is of course the Black Forest Roulade. Let me share the menu:

Cold Appetizer

Tomato & Olive

Cucumber with Yogurt & Dill

Baby Carrot in Orange Dressing

Mixed Seasonal Salad with Watercress


Thousand Island, French & Italian Dressing

Grill on The Spot

Marinated Sirloin Steak (BBQ Sauce & Black Pepper Sauce)

Marinated snapper with Spices & Herb (Lemon Wedge)

Chicken & Pineapple Kebab (Thai Chilli Chutney Compote)

Chipolata Sausage Bratwurst (Cafe de Paris Butter)

Hot Dish

Stir Fried Seafood Rice

Boiled Broccoli with Chinese Mushroom

Sweet & Sour Fish with Capsicum

Mashed Potato with Parmesan Cheese


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter

Black Forest Roulade Slice

Chilled Sago Honeydew

After all the above goodies, it was a ride on the private tram around the safari. Being a Singaporean, I am ashamed to say that I have never been to the night safari but yet on my 1st trip that, I was truly impressed with all closed up encounter with the roaming animals and it was indeed really educational for the boys.

Ever since the trip, everything was all about the elephants and giraffe from the boys. They have also since been harping on me to bring them there again.

PS: I will like to thank Devi (my colleague) and Denni (my boss) for keeping Clemens entertained despite his never-ending questions. J

Birthday Boys Placing on the Candles

Birthday Boys Placing on the Candles

Clemens birthday is actually during the middle of the June School holidays. I also know that it is his wish to celebrate it with his friends handling out goodie bags to his friends as gift. I seriously do not want to disappoint his little wish and yet I find it weird to celebrate his birthday 3 weeks earlier.

However when I attended a Parenting Seminar on the 16 May 2009, I found out that Clemens’ best friend- Maximus  has the same birth date as him and it is also his wish to celebrate his birthday with his classmates and his mum too like me found it a little funny  to celebrate Maximus birthday 3 weeks earlier.

It was quite a tough decision on our part to decide to celebrate their birthday on the last day of school before the term ends or at the beginning of school during the start of a new term.

We finally decided on the last day of school and decided to also share the cost of the cake. After which it was for me to order the cake and there were 30 goodie bags to pack. This again means grocery shopping for the gifts to be given out. It was tremendous fun on my part except that Clemens played no part in it as it was a rather rush and there were days I had to work late.

But the morning of the 29th May, 2009 was indeed an exciting day for the boys who woke up and changed without fuss. When the cake was brought out, the kids were all wowing with awe and one of them even shouted, “Look Volcano cake!” The scene was cute and it seriously can’t stop the smiles from coming to my face (I believe Maximus’ mum can’t stop smiling too.).

Anyway that morning, we got to sit into class with the “birthday” boys and I have to say, I am seriously impressed with the teachers at the school. I can see that most of the children enjoyed attending school. They were all on smiles. I also have the principal to thank. It was really thoughtful of her to convert the last day of school to a party day for the kids and party home clothes were the theme.

Anyway, to see the smiles on Clemens and the rest of the kids, it is to me- Money well spent. The next boy will be Damir. I am seriously thinking of getting him mini cupcakes for easy eating for the children and the teachers do not have to cut the cake.

Ya……..  this time round, I ordered the Croquembouche (with the theme cars and balls) from The Patissier. It was made up profiteroles with assorted cream and I think the fun thing about eating it is all you have to do is to choose a design you like and pluck it off (just like plucking apples from the trees) and pop it into your mouth. You never know what you are going till you bite into the puff and the cream just oozes out and wow…… you might get chocolate cream, strawberry cream and even passion fruit cream. It really depends….

Anyway it was really delightful to hear the squeals from the kids and teachers. Really I have to say, ‘Thank you’ to the teachers, and of course the classmates who made all the happiness, laughter and smiles possible.

My Very Own Favourite: Clemens & Damir, Maximus & His Sister (except that the cake was covered up)

My Very Own Favourite: Clemens & Damir, Maximus & His Sister (except that the cake was covered up)


The Newly Wed with Clemens & Damir

I am posting some posts way back in May. Well early this month, we had attended my brother-in-law’s wedding. It was a truly magical matrimony as what my ‘new’ sister-in-law has wished for. And, my big boy has got a taste of how being a page boy feels like. Damir was ‘strike out’ of the list because he was practically running downing the aisle which was really hilarious.  I believe if he was in, he would have reached the groom way before anybody did.

However, I was really truly touched by the whole ceremony- the serenity of the church, the talk by the pastor (it actually struck a cord for my own marriage), the holy communion and the speech by by my brother-in-law. I was practically tearing with joy and envy.

I was also amazed at Clemens’ maturity to be able to listen to instructions and did what he was told without any hiccups. He was gorgeous, handsome and he made me a proud mother beaming with the brightest glow as he walked down the aisle with a no-nonsense attitude. My earlier worries of him throwing a temper, running off with the ring or losing it was unfounded. He is truly my big, sensible boy.


One of our highly anticipate event each year will be the Finance Minister’s annual Budget Speech because it usually touches on the economic and outlook performances of our country and what kind of help is rendered to our family and of course small business and the employment of Singaporeans. It basically serves 2 purposes as:

·         a record of the approved levels of expenditure and accountability of the government fund usage and;

·         a plan of the estimated government revenue and expenditure for the financial year.

Another type of budget cycle will be the monthly budget cycle that we- families and households face. I am not sure how some of you face it but to me it can be a nightmare. To me, it is just a repetitive cycle of salary, savings, debts, bills and expenses which I can count myself lucky if I do not end up with a deficit before the end of the month.

Gone are the Australia days where we still have allowances to live on while putting the salary aside and the rental of the house paid for by my hubby’s company. Now as I am still on the job hunt, we are living on a single salary brought home by my hubby with the house mortgage, car instalment, and kid’s school fees to be paid for in cash. Of course there are other things to be paid for but these make up the bulk of it.  I use to be beaming with pride every time I put away 20% of what we have but right now, I can be stealing a smile if I can squeeze out a 10 % to be put aside.

However I can’t be complaining much with the moral support of my family. I never have to spend much on groceries as my mum is always doing the marketing and cooking for my family. Hence at least I am not reduced to sleeping on the streets or to starvation. For this, I am really grateful.

Though I have read several financial management books before but I never seem to understand them especially a statement from Rich Dad Poor Dad which says, “to put your savings first, then your expenses and pay the creditors last.” Why pay your creditors last? It is because the author believes that we will never want to owe our creditors’ money and no matter what we will find a way to earn the extra money back to pay our creditors.

Well I have neither the brains nor the creative juices of Robert T. Kiyosaki and Adam Khoo to do an investment or earning the extra money hence I have never tried paying my bills and creditors last. Seems like I am doomed to be a Poor Mum waiting for that repetitive budget cycle every month. 🙂


Ya ya ya, we had another baby sent away today and Clemens was crying the hell out of his lungs. We had actually sold our car away at a rather good price but we were still sad to see it go. It has served us well during our stay here and has never really give us any big major problem.

It is our first car we have and Clemens’s first love.

Gosh…… I have been sad this week.


Today mark the last day of Clemens’s school in Australia. As I prepare the jelly mixture and muffin batter for his little farewell party with his teachers and friends, it was not exactly with joy but instead it was with pang of sadness and stabbing in the heart as I work on it into the night.

I do understand that all good things have to come to an end, but I never expected it to be faster than I thought. As I prepare Clemens for school, drive down the familiar road to school today, I was really silent in the car today. As I carry in the trays of jellies and muffins into his classroom, they felt really heavy like tons of gold as I drag my feet in. When I said, “Hi teachers, these muffins are for the kids and you guys. Thanks for looking after my boy all this time.” My voice felt really awkward as a lump started to form at the back of my throat.

When I went to pick him up from school after that, the good bye to his teacher was especially hard because today it is no longer, “Good bye Clemens! See you next week again.” As I finally drive out from the school, my eyes began to get a little moist and I actually had a little tear forming at the corner of my eyes

Although it has been difficult to get him to school in the mornings, deep down I know that he enjoys the school tremendously because at the end of the days when I pick him up, he is always on smiles shouting to me, “mummy I enjoy myself a lot in school today.” He has gotten really close with one of his teachers, Ms Elaine and is really attached to her when he is at school. I am really truly grateful for her help in settling in Clemens whenever he is being difficult and refuses to let me leave the school. She is always assuring me that I am not lousy as a mother and that some kids are like this but after which they are fine when the parents are gone.

Initially I was really afraid to give Clemens good bye hugs, however she told me to go ahead and do it because the hug will do him good as well. From here, I have learnt to give my boy a good bye hug and tell him that, he is going to enjoy his day at school and yet leave him there without any pangs of guilt and worries because I know he is well taken care of.

Now I am going to miss the weekly morning school conversation (and at times struggle) with Clemens. Every Monday and Thursday morning, he will wake up and go on like this:

Clemens: Mum, I am not feeling so well. I don’t want to go to school.

Mum: Oh dear, you are not feeling well. I believe after some milk, you will feel better.

Clemens (after milk): Mum I am still not feeling well.

Mum: I am sure after a bathe you will be fine.

Clemens (after bath): Mum I am not feeling better.

Mum: That is because you have to quickly put on your clothes.

Clemens: But I don’t want to go to school…………………

Mum: You will have fun at school, you always do. Remember the drawings and painting you want to show me? Why not you pick something that you might like to bring to school with you.

Clemens: Ok, alright Mum.


My hubby and I usually try to do family activities with our boys as and when possible. Tonight is no exception and our activity for tonight is making the boys do a ‘Thank you’ Card for their teachers. Why thank you? It is because this is the week where their kindy and swimming lessons will end as we prepare to return to Singapore in 2 weeks time.

Our motive for making the boys do the cards is because we want them to learn to be appreciative of the people around them. Anyway it was loads of fun but messy with paint all over again. However the most important thing is that the boys understand what they are doing. By the way I am truly impressed with the way they listen to instruction to get their job done especially Damir.


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