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Last week I had written that I am quite upset about the weight I had put on and that I am going to do something about it. Well I finally paid my family doctor a visit for help and gosh… my BMI index was a whooping 28 kg/m2 which indicate that I am obese with high risk. This means that I am a lot more prone to diabetics, high blood pressure, heart attack and blah blah blah.

I started to talk to him about my eating habits, physical activities and how I am always getting hungry even after eating my 3 main meals especially between 10pm to 11pm. After which he gave me a month supply of pills to be taken 1 each every morning before food. The pills help me to achieve food satiety (70% full) instead of gorging myself silly till I am full up to my neck and of course it also help to increase my metabolism.

However this does not mean that the pill can help me to reduce weight instantly like magic as those promised in slimming salons. Effort has to be put in because what I want to achieve is keeping the weight off for a long time too. I had to change my lifestyle and eating habits. Therefore right now, I eat smaller meals with more greens, switch my ice-cream for yogurt, and replace my can drinks with plain water and rewarding myself with a bottle of yakult if I had that sweet craving. As for chocolates, luckily I only fancy dark chocolates and not the milk ones but they are of course now in moderation too.

Right now, I also try to commit a daily of 1 hour exercise routine which consists of 30 minutes yoga and 30 minutes of aerobics on the Wii Fit board that my hubby bought for me when we were in Australia. Other exercises include walking Clemens to school and nearby shopping centres instead of driving.

Readers must be wondering if such a drastic change was difficult for to me to maintain. I have to tell you seriously no because when you are truly committed and you have a goal, nothing is too difficult.

Moreover after the birth of Damir, I committed myself into this routine too. I saw results. A healthier and radiant me but I turned conceited and I lost track of myself in Australia. I gorged myself silly with ice-cream and milkshakes, fries and delicious huge burgers. I gave myself plenty of excuses not to work out.

I had my fair share of dieting experience; slimming salons, dieting pills, starvation. However at the end of the day, it is still healthy eating and regular workouts that help.

Anyway at the end of week 1, my BMI index is now 25.9kg/m2. You must be thinking WOW……. that is fast. Well in fact I am worried about losing my weight too fast too because it can mean a faster rebound. Hence right now, I am trying to keep a steady pace.



I always have a hack of asking my boys, “Do you love mummy? How much do you love me?” and it always ends off with, “I love you too”.

Well recently Clemens must have overheard my conversation with my mum when my mum asked me how much I paid for the curry fish head we bought for dinner and I told her S$15.00. I said overhead because as usual I ask him the question, “How much do you mummy?” and I had a funny shock when he replied, “Fifteen dollars.” I probed on further and our conversation turned out really hilarious and silly.

Mummy: Do you love mummy?

Clemens: Yes …..!

Mummy: How much do you love mummy?

Clemens: FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!!!!!

Mummy: WHAT?! Why fifteen dollars? So little

Clemens: (giggled and laugh) yesh….

Mummy: So sad…..

Clemens: (still giggling and laughing) How much do you love me mummy?

Mummy: Much more than a trillion dollars.

Clemens: WOW !!!!!

Mummy: So how much do you love mummy now?

Clemens: FIFTEEN DOLLARS !!!!!!

Anyway I tried explaining to him that love cannot be measured in monetary terms as it comes from the heart and I gave up because I doubt he understands me. Hence this FIFTEEN DOLLARS was stuck with him for the whole week.


My Damir at 2yr 3mth, has rather good motor, co-ordination and language skills.  He is beginning to piece up sentences with,”Mum, I want….” very clearly. Most of the time I can understand what he wants and we will be able to reach a deal amicably.

However what I do not understand is why he is always carrying his Smell-of-the-World pillow around. I call it Smell-of-the-World because he literally brings it with him around to all places and occasions that the pillow smells of:

  • His sweat when after playing, he picks up his pillow and hugs it;
  • His milk when he accidentally drips some of it on the pillow;
  • His drool when he sleeps on it with his little mouth open;
  • His food when he cleans his dirty mouth with it;
  • The earth when he brings it to the playground and drops it on the ground;
  • The rain when he uses it to cover his head when we are out and it is raining.

He treats it like a treasure bag as if it is his everything and it will be an honour to you if he lets you have a sniff at the corner of it.

I know this sound and smells disgusting but occasionally I will pick up his Smell-of-the-World pillow, inhale deeply into it and smile stupidly as all mine fondest memories with him comes gushing back.

By the way, don’t get it wrong that we have never washed this pillow before. We wash it and sun it weekly, and it smells of the sun when we return it to him. But once when it is in his hand, this little pillow of his will start to go on adventures with him again for a week to smell like the world.


Being a full time mum right now, nothing makes me happier than:

·      Hearing my Clemens shouting to me that he loves going to school;

·      Seeing the exciting smirk on his face as he changes into his school uniform and pulling his socks up his feet;

·      Witnessing the brotherly love he shows for my Damir as they walk hand-in-hand to school, then hugging and kissing his baby brother goodbye before he struts into his classroom yelling to all his friends that he has a brother.

These actions from Clemens no doubt small and silly, really makes my morning shine sunnier than the morning sun and my heart open just like the morning glory.



Last Friday, Clemens came back with a mini school project requesting all parents to do an activity with the kids on Sunday. After which we need to print out a photo talk with our kids about it and write it down on a paper for them.

I feel that this is a very good idea for busy parents to take time to interact with their kids and I definitely salute the school for it.

Well it was an easy task for us because Clemens and Damir task for every Sunday morning was to wash the family car with Dad. Today I went down as well just to be their photographer. Anyway we had a whole load of good fun.

This was what we came up with after washing the boys up, choosing a photo with Clemens, talking with him about it and then writing it down for him:

  1. I spend my Sunday with my family washing our Big Red Car.
  2. Daddy gives me a sponge and I scrub the car.
  3. My brother and I splash the car with water.
  4. We got really very wet but it was very fun.
  5. Mummy took off our shirts and we use our clothes to dry the car.

I understand that I have written that I will stop writing for a while in my previous post and it has been 1 month plus since then. I am coming back to writing because I seriously miss writing. Writing the progress of my boys, writing on subjects that bring a smile to my face and even writing my unhappiness and worries away.

I do have my share of happiness and depressing moments since I am back in Singapore. Let’s start off with my depressing moments. Many months have passed but yet I have not found a job at the moment. I know that it is hard at this moment especially since I have lost touch with the working world for quite a while. I have sent out numerous resumes, been to a couple of interviews and I have been told that since I have not been working for a while, it is going to difficult especially with the economic downturn. This is but a sad truth.

However at the moment, I am just glad that I can still spend time with my boys every day, watching them grow. Moreover I am also a very fortunate lady with my parents and in-laws’ support at the moment. They have never once bug me or given me the pressure of looking for a job immediately which I am really grateful of.

I have also been really upset about myself putting on too much weight and I have decided to do something about it at last. I have decided to follow my gyne’s advice again which really helped a lot after the pregnancy of my second boy the last time round. I was back in my post pregnancy weight in 3 months time and I felt a lot healthier then. However I really lose control of myself when I was at Australia.

Anyway right now my priority will be the happiness of my boys, my job hunting and of course my health.


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