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These days whenever I ask Clemens to help find something perhaps like Damir’s pacifier, and if he can’t find it, he will tell me, “Mummy, the doggy ate it.” And it is not a real dog he is talking about, it is a stuff toy dog that he is referring to. When I start to probe him further like how can a toy dog eat up a pacifier, he really comes out with amazing big tall tales like how the dog will chew up Damir’s pacifier, sallow it and into the tummy it goes.

Yes it is dam funny but it is also very scary, because I can never imagine a 3 year old, pushing the blame to a toy dog. That it is, 3 years old are never as innocent as what they seem, they know how to push and shift the blames around. Disgusting isn’t it? This is the time when I wish to pry open their brains to see what is going on in there.

Something must have gone wrong somewhere and this is also a situation where I will sit up and recall, “Have I done it before?” because if I have, he is not to be blamed as I have not been setting a good example to him.

Kids…. they can make me feel really guilty at times.


Hooray the countdown to my hubby’s return is finally over. The boys have been missing him and so have I. I miss him not being around to share the housework, to look after the boys so that I can have some time of my own and I miss having someone to grumble at when I am grumpy. Hehehe

Oh dear, I really can’t bear the thought that he will be leaving us for 2 months again in 3 weeks time.

At the mean time, this is what the boys have been doing for him. It is not the most impressive kind of welcome home card but the thought from them is definitely the most beautiful. They sure had a little help here and there from me but the concept is Clemens.

Boys at Work

Damir’s Work                            Clemens’ Work

We are finally well again to be basking in the warm sunshine. I really miss bringing the boys outdoor, looking at them jump and climb about. Enjoying the swings and the Mother Nature around them

This is really one of the greatest joy in life. To have kids and to enjoy them.

This is what you get for leaving the boys alone for awhile. A Huge Gaping Hole in the Wall.

Perhaps this is what they call, “Through little things comes great power”.

The Victim

The Culprits and their Accompliances

I have not been writing because we have been quite ill for the whole week. Plus my hubby has been away for a working trip and will only be back on Saturday evening. It is at this time, that I miss my family in Singapore. At least back home, I will be able to have a proper rest with my mum looking after the boys instead of right now, me passing my virus to the boys and the boys passing it back to me. It has been a terrible week for me with my hubby away too. But thank god again, the boys have been wonderful despite being ill.

I am now counting down towards Saturday.

As what Clemens says, “Mummy Sam, Clemens Antony, Papa Jeff and Damir Murray.” If you are wondering what nonense that is, Sam, Antony, Jeff and Murray are the names of the Wiggles.

No it is not my 10 year anniversary but my hubby’s company 10 year anniversary party. Hence it was off to my hubby’s workplace in the morning. The boys were definitely excited because my hubby has been home late for the past week. He missed dinner and gaming time with the boys. Therefore I told the boys that we are going to work with daddy and bring him back early. The boys cheered and clapped. Clemens wanted to be a shark therefore he asked for his Shark Overall. The event was good and the guys really put in alot of effort. There were plenty of good food, display of vintage cars and best of all the Kids’ Corner.

I like that because it really kept the boys entertained and it was also a corner to catch up with the other wives. Of course, the kids had their face painted again and I really had a hard time to convince Clemens to get his face cleaned when he got home.

He was like pleading and crying, “Mummy please don’t clean off my sharkie face. I want to be a sharkie. I want to eat cookies.” It is indeed hilarious to have a cookie-eating shark.


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