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Actually last week was quite a busy week for me and I did not realise that I am rather exhausted till yesterday. My mind was blank, my eye lids were heavy, my energy level plunged to zero and I didn’t feel like posting anything up.


Well last week was Toowoomba’s Flower carnival. It lasted for a week and I was busy bringing my boys around to visit the various house gardens which have won prizes. Their house gardens were stunning. And it is really hard to imagine the hard work put in by the owners. I really agreed with one of the owners; she said, “Gardening begins with the sun rise, ends with a backache.”

I was also running around looking for schools because Clemens suddenly told me that he wants to go to school. I was considering about it because we are only left with 3 months in Australia and I think it is crazy to send him to school for only 3 months. However, when I see him looking so prepared and determined, I am so tempted to give it a try too. Therefore I decided to go with my craziness and went on to enrol him in a school for 3 months. It was hard finding him a school too since it is nearing the end of the year. Anyway we did manage to put him into a twice a week full day kindy programme. He is going to start this Thursday, I hope he enjoys himself.

Since Damir is going to have me all to himself twice a week now, I have also put him in for swimming lessons on every Thursday. I think it is also good that I have 2 free days to spend with Damir because having 2 kids all day can sometimes be rather unbalanced when you start to feel that you have spent more time with one and neglected the other.

My hubby was also really nice tonight. I think he knows that I have been zapped out of my energy hence he brought us out to Weis Restaurant for dinner tonight. The best is that it is my favourite seafood buffet. Yes I am an absolutely seafood lover. I was literally pigging out the oysters, crabs, crayfish, mussels and prawns; downing bowls of seafood chowder and stuffing myself silly with the deserts. Ahh……………. it was a really good dinner especially without having me to cook. Well it is not that I do not like to cook but sometimes, it is really good to have a break to have some really great food.



What I have for dinner will be under the Smorgasboard section because the A$29.95 does not include seafood.


Ya this is the irritating English man who gave me the keys to his car on my very first driving lesson. At that time I was like erm……, “Hey hi, I don’t know how to operate the car. I have never driven a car before.” He gave me a ‘dirty look’ and asked if I needed him to show me how to drive. My reply was “of course”.

The subsequent lessons were fun with him always pretending that he is in a bad mood, how he hates the world and how he hates me for being funny. He is absolutely hilarious. However I really like the way he speaks about his wife. You can see the twinkle in his eyes, the gentle smile on his face whenever he speaks about her. You can really feel the love he has for his wife and family steaming up in the car whenever he speaks of them.

Anyway, driving with him can be quite nerve wrecking. One moment, he will be telling you that you are a better driver than who you think you are. Another moment, he will be jamming on your breaks yelling at you to look out. He makes sure that you practice through all the test routes and he always like to make it more difficult than it seems; for example, bringing you to the narrowest route to do a 3-point turn.

When he says you are ready to test, you will feel very happy and yet wonder if you can really pass the 1st time round because during driving, he will bring you to routes that you have to open your eyes wide to look. But he won’t tell you to look and if you miss looking, he will create a hoo haa, “see, see, see, Angelia, you must always look…..!” This is enough to send jitters through your spine and clouds into your brain that you will keep wondering if you are good enough to take the test, you may also wonder if this crazy bloke is really sure when he says you are ready to test. You might even feel that maybe he and the test centre are in a conspiracy to burn a hole in your pocket.

Three days before the test, he will give you a crash course picking up every smallest mistake you do, and deliberately asking you to do things against the traffic rules to make sure you are not sleep driving. There and then, you will have nightmares at night, dreaming that you have failed or worse still, killed the examiner in a car accident.

However on the big day, at that moment in the car with the tester, you can hear an English man constantly nagging at your ears, “Fasten seat belt. Look for speed signs. Scan across the road. Indicator, mirror check and shoulder check.” while being tested. And the next thing you know, the test is over; it is time to drive back in the test centre. Crazy thoughts will be running in your mind, “Oh god, it is over, that is fast and it is time to re-book the test.”

But……. the tester hands you the result slip, telling you that you have made it. Unable to believe, you open the result slip and read that you have scored beautifully with only 1 mark down. You scream and cry, realized that you are not wasting money because you passed the first time round, then it is time to play a harmless trick on Steve by telling him that you are hopeless and you have crashed his car into a pole during the test. Sheesh ……… pure evil (“,) .
Letter to Steve

Dear Steve,
I just want you to know it was really fun having lessons with you. I really look forward to every lesson and if you remember, on the day your car broke down, I was rather disappointed because I am always looking forward to the morning laugh. You have taught me more than driving; you have taught me invaluable lessons in life. Though it is not a long time, we have known each other; it is already enough to leave foot prints in my heart and to me, you are in a way a mentor to me.

But…… I reckon you will miss me even more because it is not often that you will come across a crazy young mother like me.

I will miss you when I leave Australia but do look us up when you come to Singapore with your wife.

Best regards
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Those of u who have read my previous posts know that I do have breakfast with my boys every day. I actually do fanciful cut-out bite-size bread for them so that they just need to pop it into their mouth and of course so that I don’t have to clean up the bread crumps after that.

However there are still things that disturbed me, why must they have Nutella to be spread onto their bread? Why must Clemens says that he wants Hello Kitty bread, when we have Winne-the-Pooh too? He is just so fascinated with Hello Kitty that my hubby does get very irritated with me.

Clemens: Morning mummy, can we have Kitty Bread for breakfast?

Mummy: How about Pooh Bear or Piglet?

Clemens: Erm… I think I like Kitty. Please, please, please.

Mummy: Fine.

Clemens: Can we have chocolate with Kitty?

Mummy: Why chocolate? Too much chocolate is no good. Anyway we have run out of it. We need to buy new ones.

Clemens: (Opens the pantry door, points to the top shelf, smiling smirkly) There, see the chocolate?

Yup I have been caught lying to my boys. Ya, I am too lazy to explain so much to him (inexcusable) and may be another excuse is they have my genes; I am a total chocoholic. Anyway whatever it is I should not have lied and I should have taken the time to explain.

Parenting really gets on my nerves at times as much as I enjoy it.

By the way, I have hidden my jar of Nutella. J

Book Cover


Favourite line from the book: …… a look passed between Lila and Mariam. An unguarded, knowing look. And in this fleeting, wordless exchange with Mariam, Lila knew that they were not enemies any longer.

I believe that the suggested title by the author represents the many hopes of the Afghanistan women. It is a beautifully written book about betrayal, forgiveness, love and most amazingly the willpower of women and what women can do despite being subjected by men.

This book is relatively easy to read and I finish in about a week. It is really addictive too.

By the way, do have a box of tissue with you (if you are someone who crys easily), while reading this book.

I will say that I have the nicest neighbour on earth and that they are very rich too. How do I know that they are rich? Well because, they live in huge houses, drive fancy cars, have matching tea set and I think I accidentally peeped into their accounts and was wowed by the figure staring back at me. Ha ha ha just kidding and those are nonsense.

They are rich because, they are rich in their compassion for people, rich in their love for their kids and grand kids and even rich in the way they shower their kindness and helpfulness to fellow neighbours. Aren’t I lucky to have such wonderful neighbours? Yes…. so…do be envious of me.

Flowers & Fresh Fish given to me ( I stir-fry the fish with beans but ran out of carrots)

The day before, Jaenette came knocking on my door, gave me a really beautiful bunch of hand-pick flowers from her garden, an already filleted sweet lip fish (her hubby had caught it from the Great Barrier Reef) and invited my boys and I over for morning tea the next day. I am so touched.

Well the moment I stepped into their house, I was awed by her clean and beautifully ornamented kitchen. My boys were extremely facinated by her collection of elephants. I was even more impressed when she told me her hubby had built the house. (Yeah her hubby is a builder; so people of Towoomba, do take note if you want to build houses. You can always leave me a comment)

You guys should see their lawn and back yard. During our stay here, before she invited me over for morning tea, my hubby and I were already very impressed by how neat and well-kept their lawn was. Therefore can you imagine the interior of their nest? Simply beautiful!

Anyway, our morning tea was great and we had a great chat about the Australia and Asia’s old wives tales and of course some other things. I will say she bakes the loveliest Anzac biscuits; all the goodness and crunchiness of oats and cereals and the beautiful aroma of golden syrup (I think it is golden syrup). The taste of it gets even better when it is dunked into tea. Oh Jeanette, I am so looking forward to learning this recipe from you. I am sure my dad will adore it.

Do remember our dinner date when my hubby is back from Rockhampton and thanks for having us over for tea. It really made my day and my boys were so excited chattering to their dad about the biscuits and juice they had at your place.


  • 500g             Lean pork loin
  • 1L (4cups)    Water
  • 10pcs           Red dates (seeds remove)
  • 4 slices        Ginger
  • 6 pcs            Wolfberries (optional)
  • 1-2 pcs         Dried scallop (optional)


  1. Boil a pot of water.
  2. Wash and drain dry the pork loin. Remove the traces of fats.
  3. Blanch the pork loin. (This is to remove scum)
  4. Soak the red dates and dried scallops in hot water for 5 mins.

1.  2.

3.  4.



  1. Pour the 1L of water into the slow cooker and switch on to high.
  2. Gather the above ingredients.
  3. Put them into the pot and simmer for 4 hours.

1.  2.




Well since coming to Australia, my hubby and I had never gone out alone dating because of the boys. Therefore, the only dating time we have now is after the boys have gone to bed. This is the only time we get to talk about our daily activities without any interruption from the boys. And so what do we talk about? We talk about everything; our past, present and future; and sometimes the conversation ends happily and sometimes with a debate. Nevertheless, this is another time I treasure a lot and happy that my hubby is willing to spend time talking with me despite being tired from work.

Anyway, as usual that night, we talk and I really can’t remember how we got to the topic on mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and grandchildren but I remember telling him how upset I was on the day I gave birth to the boys when his parents were wooing and ahhing about how much the boys look like them and my hubby. It seems that not much credit was given to me- the mother lying on the hospital bed. Hence the ‘If I Ever …, I will …’ started. I told him:

If I ever become a grandma, I will tell my daughters-in-law that their babies are just as beautiful as they are.

If I ever get to look after my boys’ kids:

  1. I will teach my grandkids to tell their parents how much they love their parents each day their parents come back from work.
  2. I will like to teach my grandkids to do cards for their parents to show how much they appreciate their parents.
  3. I will like to bring them to the playground and watch them play.
  4. I will like to cook nice food for them.
  5. I will like to tell them stories only grandma can tell and teach them those things only a grandma might know.

I know I sound crazy and my hubby thinks I am crazy too. I might change my mind and perspectives since there is still such a long time to go. However, still this thing about grandkids will happen one day.

Anyway, here is 1 more, ‘If I Ever… I will …’. If I ever am a witch, I will turn my hubby in to a toad whenever he irritates me, and turn him back into human again when I miss him.


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